December 8 2003

    It is Monday.  WE pretty much flow all day and most of the night.  We landed in Frankfort at about 8 in the morning.  I was pretty lucky, I slept on the flight from Newark to Frankfort.  If you can call tossing and turning for 8 hours sleep.  This is the best sleep I've, Bill seansoned traveler, gotten on an airplane.  Ann stayed up all night watching the in-flight movies.  We had about 3 hours to kill in Frankfort before departing to Almaty.  I had water, coffee and walked around the airport until it was time to board for Kazakhstan. 

    When we boarded the flight for Almaty, we met our Travel Partners, The Ferret's.  Jim and Suzanne.  They seem pretty ok.  We will be pretty much going through the process with them up until the end.  It is comforting to be with another couple going through the same stuff you are.

    The flight to Almaty was uneventful.  Ann slept and I watched movies.  Sea Biscuit was on, it took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to get my headset to the correct channel.  Ann and I laughed for quite a while on that one. 

    We landed in Almaty on time, 10:50 pm Kaz time, 11:50 am EST.  Customs and declarations were painless.  We were pretty much through the airport in record time.  WE met our Driver and interpreter, Merot and Dilnoza respectively, right after picking up our luggage, all 280 pounds of it.  They were very pleasant and spoke very good English.  Merot took us to our apartment, 3rd floor no elevator.  He helped us Haul our stuff upstairs.  THANK YOU MEROT, it was a long way up. 

    We slept like a rock.  That bed was the most comfortable thing we had laid on in what seemed like forever.  There were all the strange noises of being away from home.  Ann almost yelled  our dog, Sarge, for incessant scratching.  He is in NJ, not here with us.  At home, he sometimes wakes us up scratching, he has allergies. The noises were kind of funny.

    Here are the picture from the day.  Not many, as we were ushered from place to place, signing paperwork, eating and exchanging USD for Tenge, pronounced TEN-GAY.

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