December 10 2003

    THE BIG DAY!  We went to the baby house for the first time. OH my God!  Overwhelming is an understatement.  I will get into that later on the page.

    I had some really strange dreams which ended my sleep about 6:30ish.  Got up and took a shower, there is no shower curtain.  It was a little challenge but it was accomplished without incident.  We made a pot of coffee and burnt up the coffee pot, poor electronics.  It was a portable coffee pot we purchased in the US.  We have resorted to boiling water and pouring it through the grounds in the filter.  It works pretty well. 

    Our driver was late, we panicked.  She was only about 20 minutes late.  We got to the baby house at about 10 am this morning.  Oh my!  We were introduced to the head doctor, very brief introduction.  We then entered the play room.  Oh My!  They brought in all the available boys and girls for us to see and attempt to evaluate in the first 1.5 hours.  That was pretty much the most emotional experience of my life.  My heart was breaking and I wanted them all.  There were about 8 boys and maybe 4 girls.  I do not really recall right now the exact count.  After about 45 minutes we were asked to start deselecting children.  It took us another 20 to 30 minutes to actually utter the most difficult word ever "Away" while pointing at a pair of eyes staring up at you longing to be held and loved.  I think Ann was the first one to break, then I followed right along.  We narrowed our selections to 2 beautiful boys and 2 lovely girls.  However, with the girls it was really no competition.  There is a 2 1/2 year old with the given name Anargul, (pronounced Anaghoul)  Now she will be known to the world as Katherine Marie Delmedico......  We stayed until noon and it was time to leave.

    We went and exchanged USD for Tenge.  Bought an I-card, for phone calls and internet connections.  Ate lunch at  a Deli that served pizza.  It was not bad.  We came back to the apartment and tried to check email.  It took some time to figure out how to make the laptop Pulse dial.  After that it went pretty smooth.  Seems we cannot send email to AOL but can to optimum online. Don't know what's up with that yet.

    We were picked up for the 4 pm visit.  The car got stuck in the snow just before the driveway for the Baby House.  Olga, Ann and I walked the rest of the way.  When we got there it was snack time for the boys and Katherine.  They invited us to go to the boys room and participate in the feeding.  That was a little tough seeing the boys in a big play pen waiting for snack time to begin.  We fed one of the boys and kind of played with the others.

    Olga brought Katherine in to see us in the baby room.  She was really funny.  Just sat on my lap looking at the boys, I don't think she had ever been there, not sure.  After a few minutes I went to the play room with Katherine while Ann stayed and finished feeding one of the boys.

    Katherine just wanted to play with the other kids and not be bothered by us.  We had a great time in the afternoon. Katherine warmed up to us a bit.  She was smiling and laughing and having a pretty good time.  She colored and played in ball pit and on the swing.  She is a definite tom boy.  Likes having fun.

Enough about that for now. We left the Baby house at 6 pm.

    On the way to the apartment we stopped at the Super Market to pick up a few essentials.  Toilet paper (just need to say the normal toilet paper is just like party streamers, only gray.  We bought the upgraded version), salami, cheese, water and the like.


Katherine Marie Delmedico and her proud Mommy!

© Bill Delmedico 2013