December 11 2003

The phone line in the apartment is a party line.  The person we share the line with will sometimes disconnect our internet connection, makes me nuts as the last couple of uploads have been pretty big.  This one is about 10 meg total over a 30kbs connection.  You have to dial a couple of time to get a good connection. The next couple of days will probably have less pictures and more text.

This is Ann - due to technological difficulties I do not have my address book for emails.  Send me an email if you want one back. If you sent me an email before today I did not get it. (Bill did some tricky web mail thing to forward my mail.)  Drop a line - I'd love to hear from you.  You guys certainly will hear enough from us.  We've started typing and can't seem to stop.


We had an early start to our day.  We both really wanted to call home and talk to Gran and Ryan.  We laid in bed from 4:30 til about 5:30 Kaz time, 11 hours ahead of EST.  We finally made the command decision to get up and call.  It was great hearing Ryan's voice. Sometimes the homesickness is overwhelming. I think Ryan and Gran were the first to get to the updated web site since we called them once it was finished uploading.  We gave Gran our phone number hoping she could call us. That was a while ago.  I just tried to call her again and she was on the phone. Either she's trying to get in touch with us through an overseas operator or she's spreading the news about the web site.

The I-Card we got works very well for internet connection - that is, you get more minutes on the card for internet connection than you do for phone calls.  The phone calls home ate up the card very quickly.

Don't know if you can tell, but Bill and I keep going back and forth on writing. Can you all tell when it's him or me?  He's much more sentimental than I am.

Ok, I have to insert Pictures right in the middle of the page.  There are more at the bottom, but Anthony has to make his debut Now!

World, we are very proud to introduce you to the newest member of the Delmedico Gang!

Anthony Nicholas Delmedico

Here is the story of how we came to the decision for our Anthony.  I am copying this from an email Ann sent to a friend, Taralee.

Of all the boys we saw there were two, both named Andrei, both about a year old. One was Asian looking, the other blond hair, brown eyed.  The blondie was very quiet/still.  When you put him down he just cried and cried.

At our afternoon visit, they brought us to the boy’s room – not the visitation room and asked if we wanted to feed them their snack. Of course we said yes.  But there was the blondie, standing in his crib. Watching every move I made in the room.  Bill got a picture of all the boys in the crib and of course the blondie was in there. I was in there a while and couldn’t get this boy off my mind. I thought about what the doctor said about no one adopting Katherine before this because she cried.  I felt like I didn’t give that little blond boy a fair shake. Of course he cried – I was freaked out, why wouldn’t he be? We kept looking at the pictures of the boys. Finally we decided we would see just the blond Andrei in the morning.

So we go to the boy’s room this morning and they bring only him out to put a fresh diaper on and change his clothes. He starts looking at me and won’t take his eyes off me (Bill was getting Katherine)  He just stared me down like who are you lady?  You look OK, but who are you?  We brought him to the visitation room and loved him and cuddled him.  Got him to crawl a bit. Reach for toys.  Sit there and look handsome. I pulled out some gerber cookies to give one to Katherine. From across the room that boy watched everywhere that cookie bag went.  He crawled for his cookie when he wouldn’t get his motor going for toys.  Bill sat with him while he ate is cookie. He just enjoyed the heck out of that thing.  A little slice of heaven for our boy Anthony. 

When we saw Katherine we both knew she was it.

I can tell you, I have the same reaction with our blond haired boy as I did with Katherine.  He’s the one and I’m so excited.

There’s a great relief in knowing these are our children. Maybe I’ll actually sleep tonight.  I just want to cry all the time. Whether it’s the joy and happiness I feel right now having met these two great kids or being so homesick and desperately missing Ryan. It just seems the tears are always here.

This is funny story about the excitement last night!

The ladies taking us around, Natasha our driver & Olga our interpreter get a kick out of our speaking Russian.  They giggle about it.  We had this incident last night in our apartment. We’ve been told don’t answer the door for anyone but Natasha or Olga.  About 8:30 last night there a knock on the door.  The way the doors are set up it could only be our neighbor knocking.  There’s an outer door that leads to a foyer. Then from the foyer there are the two doors into the apartments (ours and our Kazak neighbors). The outer door is locked, so only our neighbor could knock on our door.  Bill says ‘who is it’.  The guy says something. Bill says ‘pangliski ?’ which means English?  The guys says in Russian he doesn’t understand English. We say in Russian we don’t understand Russian. Eventually the guy goes away.  Well, we told Olga and Natasha this morning what happened and of course I relate the story using my Russian speak.  Natasha just giggled over my Russian.  It’s pretty funny.

Enough from Ann.

I think that our Anthony and Katherine are the best ever.  I am updating this between visits just to all the fresh stuff down.

When I went to Katherine's room this morning to bring her to the play room, she knew exactly who I was and what I was doing there.  She had a big smile and walked out of that room so proud, Head held high, shoulders up and ready for some play, egats is the Russian pronunciation, time.  I was the proudest Dad at the moment.  I am proud with Ryan and Tyler, this was a different kind of proud. I think she is taking a likening to us, though it has only been about 4 hours of one on one time.  She seems to respond a little cautious to our affection but loves it and giggles and smiles when we love her up.  She has a sparkle in her eye that has my heart, PERIOD.

We went over Anthony's medical evaluation with the Doctor, his health seems pretty normal.  He seemed to be a bit shell shocked, no surprise there. We will be able to give more info on Anthony after our afternoon visit.

Our 4 pm visit was outstanding.  We went to Anthony's room first to pick him up.  He just looked at us like, "Hey what are you doing here".  They changed his diaper and gave him to Ann.  The 3 of us went to the play room.  He still just sat there looking at us and looking all around the play room.  He seemed to be nervous about what was going on, he took the easy does it approach for about an hour or so.  Ann broke out the cookies for Katherine, he leaned over and started to crawl towards the food.  Everybody started laughing. Before Ann exposed the cookies he just literally sat there, not sure of anything he thought he was sure of before that moment.  After he ate his cookie, he was on the go.  Pretty much non stop.

Katherine came maybe 20 minutes after we were in the play room with Anthony, she has a huge grin on her face.  She warmed up even more this evening.  She had to go potty and Ann took her down to her room.  Ann said that Katherine clung to her after the potty break. We think she was either testing the waters to if we would leave her down in her group or she was showing us off to her group mates.  We played for quite a while the playroom with her.  She seems to really like books (top of the list), sliding and pretty much all the things a 2 1/2 old would like.  We had taken a picture of her with Ann yesterday with our digital camera.  I brought my Photo printer with me half way around the world, The look on her face and excitement in her eyes were so Totally worth it.  I printed the picture and Ann put it in the kids photo album we brought that had pictures of us at home.  She would go over and look at the picture of her and smile and point at herself and smile some more.  The other thing was the she called Ann "Mama" tonight.  I thought Ann was going to explode with joy and cry at the same time.  This little girl is something else.  When it was time to leave I took Katherine back down to her group.  The caregiver had to pry her from my arms, Katherine clinging tightly.  The caregiver then ushered me out the door while she was walking with Katherine looking over her shoulder at me with the saddest eyes.  My eyes filled with tears.  When I got back upstairs, we took Anthony back to his group.  He just stared at us, confused still.

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