December 13 2003

Technology Update!!

Looks like we can email everyone!!!! Hooray!! My husband has figured it out.  I still don't have my address book, so if you want an email from me, you'll have to send me one first.

The Bad News -

There will be no pictures today.  We forgot the camera at the baby house. If you're looking for pictures come back tomorrow.  If you want to find out about today read on.....

Today's Events

Yesterday we asked for Anthony's vaccination records.  Our interpreter copied them down for us and I looked at them when we got home.  He had a mantoux test and had a reaction.  This, of course was disconcerting. We asked first thing if we could meet with his doctor.  The doctor came around and we talked about the reaction. Mantoux is known to provide false positives, but it was just one more thing to worry about.  Last night we looked up what the test results might mean.  Could be anything from Malnutrition, Exposure to TB, to Hodgkins, Lymphoma..  Anyway, the doctor said it was an allergic reaction to the test.  She had all of his medical records and they had done a full blood and urine analysis and the boy is healthy as can be.  We are very relieved.

This afternoon we visited Katherine's room. Usually we take Katherine and Anthony to a playroom to visit with them.  I asked if we could come and ask questions about her, what they do everyday.

When we came into the room, the first thing the caregiver said was that Katherine did not want to take her afternoon nap.  She kept talking about her Papa.  It would be hard not to be jealous, except that she so clearly digs the both of us.  I think it is incredibly cool that she's happy to have her Daddy.  I asked the caregiver if Katherine had any best friend in class. She said she gets along with everyone.  Her favorite thing to do is help.  Like get gloves for the younger children. I can certainly tell you I have seen first hand she is the enforcer. She clearly believes everything has a place and certain behaviors are not acceptable.  The thing she likes least is being dressed too warmly. I think we've mentioned how they bundle these kids up. I am so not surprised about this being the least favorite thing.  And they really do serve porridge in orphanages. That is what my daughter has for dinner at night.  Not for much longer though. I got to see where she sleeps. She is in bed #6.   There aren't many girls in her room. The boys are very active. They are often conking each other on the head with toys.  They are typical kids.  The whole set up is very much like 24/7 day care. They have music and art classes. Organized play time, etc... The children in the room are all over you when you walk in.  The immediately call you Mama or Papa. They are climbing into your lap in a heart beat. It was a good visit. I'm glad we got to talk to her. It is very obvious that the people in the babyhouse have become attached to our little girl. It is very easy to see why. 

I fed Anthony today. This was the first lunch I fed him. I've given him snack before.  He had a bowl of porridge with hardboiled egg shavings in it.  He just turned a year old in November and they do not give him a bottle. They have him drinking straight from a cup.  This takes skill on the part of the feeder.  I am not skilled and so spilled a great deal from the cup.  I had to wait and watch one of the care givers give a drink to one of the other babies to figure out how not to spill it. They stick the feeding bowl up under the baby's chin and then tip the cup into the mouth. Anything that falls, falls into the bowl. I made sure he got spoon fed whatever went in the bowl and Lot's went in the bowl.  Feeding is rough. Hope we can make the transition to a sippy cup. Katherine cannot get the hang of it.  She also could not sip from a straw. Today was the first we tried that.

It would seem we have a gymnast or high dive Olympiad on our hands. They have this ball pit in the visitation room. I expect Katherine to jump in, even from high places, but she does it backward. Stands up high, puts her arms out to form a perfect T and lets herself fall in backwards.

I guess that's it from me today. Bill is pretty tired and is begging out of typing anything. He says to let you all know he loves his kids, (but then you already knew that).

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