December 14 2003

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Today's News

Yesterday and the day before, Katherine had been making several trips to the bathroom. She uses a chamber pot and it's in her room.  We have to go all the way down the hall, down the stairs, down the hall through the class room into the potty. Then all they way back.  Now, it's not really a big deal. Bill and I talked about it and we figured she was showing us off. But, you can't be too sure, so when she had to go today, I asked the interpreter to come with us and ask if she really had to go all the time (I'm thinking bladder infection) or if she was showing us off. The caregiver, who was different today - older and meaner apparently - said Katherine was showing us off, she was proud to have a Mama and Papa.  While I waited for Katherine, Olga (the interpreter) went back upstairs.  When Katherine came out from the bathroom she ran to me and I picked her up (as always). The caregiver then scolded her. Obviously telling her not to keep brining us up and down. Then the caregiver turned to another little boy, called him over, stuck him to my leg and pulled Katherine from my arms. Very clearly stating I would be this other boy's Mom instead of hers. Katherine started crying immediately.  I felt horrible. I'd like to punch the caregiver right in the nose.  That of course would not go over well. I just took my little girl and hugged and kissed and loved her the best I could. 

I fed Anthony his breakfast this morning. Rice cereal with chunks of bread mixed in. We were very messy. The other day when I fed him, they gave him a cup with some liquid for him to drink. I couldn't figure out what it was.  Looked like dirty dish water.  He got it again today, so I gave it a sniff.  It's tea.  Cultural difference. I'd give him water before I'd give my one year old tea.

Speaking of Anthony, Bill figured out that we've spent about 12 hours with Anthony (16 with Katherine since we asked for Anthony the day after her).  Can you remember the story of our first visit with Anthony. How he cried if you put him down. Then after that, in other visits, we'd put him on the floor and he'd just sit there.  You could hardly get him to crawl around. Then we pulled out the cookie bag and that boy turned on the speed crawling. Now, he's crawling all over the room. He's always pulling himself up. Walking across the room with the assistance of your two fingers.  It won't be long before that boy is cruising on two feet.  He wants to go, go, go.  What a difference half a day makes!

I think I also might have said I wasn't sure if Katherine enjoyed her time outside on the sled. If you know me, you know I did not pull her at a snails pace.  We zipped along and twirled around. Well, the sled we used is in the foyer to her room. Each time we came in and out yesterday with either me or Bill she'd point to the sled, or walk up to it and start pulling it down. She apparently had a good time on the sled. (Ryan should be happy about that you're going to have someone to go sledding with for the rest of the winter. We need to find better hills back in NJ).

My afternoon, between visits, was spent printing pictures.  We share the playroom with another couple from another adoption agency.  I printed a couple of pictures for them.  Yesterday when we were in Katherine's room, getting to know her better, I snapped a few pictures of all her group-mates.  I printed all of them.  We are going to give them to the group, they don't have any pictures of the kids hanging up.  I also printed a few of Anthony and Katherine. I knew we were having dinner with our Travel Partners, Jim and Suzanne, I knew Ann wanted to show off the kids.

Our visit was pretty interesting.  Like I said in the last paragraph, we usually spend our visit with another couple, their Bio-son and their to-be-adopted child.  The room gets a bit chaotic at times with all the kids, parents, interpreter's and care givers running in and out.  This afternoon the other couple was not there.  It was really quiet.  Relaxing with Ann, Katherine and Anthony. 

Katherine played the "gotta go potty" (Showing off Daddy) thing with me this afternoon and I got the same deal that Ann got this morning. It broke my heart, I was kind of prepared for it though.  I loved her, Katherine, up but good after that and told her I would not trade her for the world.  She is ours for good and keeps and that it is ok to be a "Proud little Girl".  I cannot even begin to imagine what is going through her head. God has blessed us with her.  My gosh, she takes my breath away when I think of what is going through her little head.  Something like this (I think); Do they really want me?  Why? They speak funny? Who is that other kid loving up on MY Mommy and Daddy?  They are bringing good food?  Will they come back tomorrow morning? Will they come back this afternoon? Will they take me home with them?

Anthony is a different child today.  He is in to everything.  Crawling all over the room.  He wants to get up and walk.  He is pulling himself on you, not to be picked up, to get a good balance and a finger to guide him across the room.  They always keep him bundled up tight.  I was sweating for him this afternoon.  We did take his hat off so he could get some cool air on his head.  He is so interested in whatever Katherine is doing.  Ryan is really going to have his hands full when Anthony meets his big brother.  Going to want to do everything that his big brother is doing.  I can't wait to see the 3 of them doing their kid thing.  I was helping him walk around the room and after about the 3rd lap, he added some sound to the lap.  Sounded like he was making an engine sound, Ann and I both cracked up.  It was really funny.  He is a handsome little fella. 

At snack time, he just stared at Katherine and Ann. It is so funny, like he is saying "Hey, what about me".  Trust me, he's not forgotten at snack time.  I tried to get him to use the sippy cup, he had no idea what to do with it.  I will ask how long he has been off the bottle. 

We have been picking Katherine up first then taking her to get Anthony.  Trying to get her used to him being part of our family.  When it is time to go back to their groups, all 4 of us go to Anthony's room first.  She seems curious about it, seems that she is getting it. She treats him different then the others.  When we took Katherine back to her group tonight, she gave a kiss smack dab on the lips.  I thought Ann was going to shatter to pieces on the spot.

We had dinner with our travel partners, Jim and Suzanne at the "Grand". The food was interesting.  A lot seafood on the menu.  It was like eating at one of those fancy places in NY, where you pay a ton for a 2 oz chicken breast.  It is not expensive to eat out though, about 45 USD for 5 of us at a fancy Kaz place.  The desert was the funniest part of dinner. I could not identify what I ordered.  It was a sponge cake with cream wrapped up inside with an odd fruit topping.  Looked like rotten banana's, Ann says "Cuz it was".  Not sure if tasted good or bad, I ate it.... Ann did not eat hers.  This is picture of our us with our travel partners and the nightly "Live Entertainment" (Oh Boy) is all I can say.  They, Jim and Suzanne, are truly a God send.  We only had to travel half way around the world to meet them.

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