December 18 2003

This morning Katherine jumped in to Ann's arms when we walked in the room to get her.  She really loves her Mommy.  She had a ponytail, just like Mommy (Ann is hamming it up). Anthony was absolutely full of grins, grunts and giggles when trotted down to his room to get him.  He was kicking and squealing and hamming it up, priceless.

Ann and Katherine spent some time outside today while Anthony and I spent time inside. 

He is going to be walking, I know that I say this every day but it is going to happen soon.  He and I just walk around the room and exercise those little legs.  I am not sure if I said this yet, He knows his Name.  He will respond to Anthony and not to Andre'.  That is pretty cool.  I think it is amazing to see the change in him after only about 18 hours of Mommy and Daddy time.  He has come to life.  You cannot catch this on film very often though.  He had some yogurt this morning and Katherine actually shared it with him.  She did not feed it to him, just allowed Mommy to give him some without grunting at him.  He is making all kinds of noises.  Raspberries are his favorite, he will watch you do it, try to grab your lips then he'll do it and grin and giggle.  He likes the bowling pins.  There are not too many other toys in the room that he will go for. He loves to walk around, assisted, being held, fed and picking every little thing up off the floor. Ann took him to eat about 10:30ish and Katherine and I roamed the halls.  After he was finished eating breakfast Ann and Katherine went outside.  Anthony and I took a stroll up and down the halls.  He is very alert and cautious of the caregivers that are wondering about in the halls. Just before Ann came back in from outside, Anthony decided it was time to get rid of some of his breakfast. Oh my Gosh, stinky diaper is an understatement.  HE stunk up the entire room.  Some of the caregivers take their lunch in the playroom, they had to leave the door open.  It was time for us to leave, thank goodness, hopefully it will smell better by 4.

Katherine loves her morning snack that Mommy brings.  She is really good at sharing now, surprising.  She and I took a long walk up and down the halls.  She is very sociable with all the caregivers.  She will wave at them then hide her face, very serious face.  She knows all of them.  We were sitting in the hallway with Olga, Olga called "Anargul", no response.  Olga said it a couple of times with no response.  Olga then said Katherine and Katherine looked at her.  I thought Olga was going to fall off her seat.  It was really cool, that Katherine is used to or at least getting used to her name.

So Katherine and I (or at least I was) on a mission to find some birds to feed.  What's the matter with the darn birds?  I've been lugging around a pocketful of bread crumbs for two days now. You think the birds are messing with me?  Well, despite the lack of feathered friends, Katherine and I had a fine walk about the building.  Before we even got outside, she was deciding that her mittens would be too hot.  You've got to remember that the Kazak's are obsessive about keeping these kids bundled.  She takes the gloves off, I put them on.  We go outside and put her on the sled.  She pulls the mittens off.  I give up. If her hands are hot, they're hot, Right?  Well, of course I got caught.  As I pulled her around on the sled around the corner there was a caregiver with a gaggle of children. I risked getting in trouble and pulled her right through the middle of them without the mittens on.  We rounded the next corner and I'm thinking we're nice and safe. I turn and look down at my daughter.  She's pulled her hat off!!! Is she trying to get me in trouble.  I'm sure she is not.  She's just hot!  It's not really that cold out. The hat I did put back on. However, we did have to discuss who was on the front of the hat. Mickey Mouse....  We get back to the front of the babyhouse and who should join us but Natasha, our driver.  Natasha immediately zoned in on the naked little hands. I handed over the mittens. Caught red handed you might say. Natasha straightened her hat, put on her mittens, we each grabbed a tiny little hand a made a couple laps around the baby house. 

So, after our morning visit, we came back to the apartment.  We got a phone call from the lawyers office in Almaty. Apparently they thought our fingerprints had expired.  They had not. Of that we were sure.  The lawyers office checked with the embassy and they said they did not have our cable 37 with fingerprints at all.  Well, We know they have the cable 37.  We have email confirmations from the embassy that they do have it. (At least that's what my husband says). But this has just freaked him out.  I'm sure we're not the first to be missing our cable 37's (whatever they are) and we won't be the last, but it sure can send a shot of adrenalin right through your body when anybody says there's any sort of problem.  We cannot even do anything about it yet since you are all sleeping.  Too bad the INS doesn't offer 24 hour service.  I guess I'll stop typing here for a while and get my phone numbers for the INS in order so I can call them tonight.

It was sooo quiet this afternoon.  The other family had court today, they were not there for the afternoon visit.  Anthony was still napping when we got there, we let him sleep til he was done.  Katherine had a feast of salami, cheese, lollipops, juice and good old fashion Mama and Papa love. 

She was a whole lot more settled this afternoon with all the quiet.  We walked around the orphanage for a long time.  We saw a cat sitting on the window sill.  Katherine looked a little alarmed by this.  She wanted to grunt at it, but Ann and I assured her it was ok.  I am not sure if she has ever petted an animal. You would think that they have been to the circus or something like that. 

Katherine and I (Bill) were sitting on some chairs in the hallway.  She thought is was really funny when I made snoring noises.  We definitely get some stares from the caregivers.  There is a desk outside the play room where a nurse prepares all the medicine for the kids.  Katherine loves it when the nurse is there.  She will walk up and stare at the nurse and the nurse will give Katherine a chewable vitamin.  It is really funny because, this happens every single day.  Katherine walks away grinning like the cat that ate the canary. 

The other thing I noticed today is she has special caregivers and ones that perhaps she is not so fond of.  The one today was not one of her favorites.  Katherine just acts different when she is around. That is interesting to me just because I figured that since she has been there her entire life, she would be ok with everybody.  No sweat though, she is outta there in a week.  God Willing!

Anthony had a couple of sucks off the lollipop.  He made a very funny face.  Like "What is that, give me more, ohhh the sugar".  It was absolutely hilarious.  He and Ann spent a lot of time together.  They spent a lot of time at the bowling pin bucket.  When it is empty, Ann will put him in it and drag it around the room.  He loves it, giggling and grinning the whole time. 

The 4 of us walked the halls together.  He was walking holding Mommy's hands and Katherine was being carried.  Not sure how that happened. Perhaps I (Bill) am a sucker, but I am ok with that. After the 2nd lap through the building Katherine decided to walk. She has to touch everything we pass.  Pictures, walls, doors, plants, furniture, you name it she touches it.  She named the Door, "Door" and it was very clear.  She also said "Up", but it was while we were going down the stairs. We are communicating very well so far. We know enough Russian and She understands enough of our English to get our point across.  Some of it is just point and nod, with words that she may or may not understand.

We got a phone call this afternnon from our Lawyers office in Almaty. The first call was to tell us that our fingerprints for the INS had expired.  We said "No Way, they were done last November and are good for 15 months".  They agreed that they are good for 15 months and would the Embassy back to find out what exactly was the problem.  I (Bill) started to freak out a bit. I do not want anything holding up "Taking our Kids home".  They office called back and said that it was her mistake and that Embassy "Just Does not have our Cable 37's".  This is something that comes from the INS in NJ.  We veried with the Embassy, prior to leaving the states, that our Cable's were in deed here.  I guess it is a case of lost paper work.  After posting the site tonight Ann will call the INS in NJ and have the Cable 37's faxed.  I (Bill) am feeling a little better, will be totally ok when I am sitting at home with Ryan, Katherine, Anthony, Ann, Sarge and Daisy.

Ann is currently cleaning the apartment floor with Windex.  We are packing and getting ready for our big move tomorrow evening.  Everything is pretty much packed and cleaned.  We are ready to move. We will have to do a little shopping this weekend for the kids. It should be fun, even though I (Bill) do not really care to shop.  Most of you already know this.  This is for Ryan "Your mother shops the same way, no matter where she is". 

God Bless and "Do syidaniya"

© Bill Delmedico 2013