December 19 2003

I just have to say, we overslept this morning.  We usually get up about 6:30 or so and start our day.  Last night neither one of us set the alarms.  I woke up to the phone ringing in our apartment. It was not for us, but it was weird to wake up to a ringing phone!

There was a flurry of activity at the orphanage today.  I guess the holiday is over and everybody was there. This is first time I have seen so many people there.  I am still not used to going there and seeing the kids. I am not sure if I will get used to it.

Katherine jumped in Mommy's arms again.  I at least got the big smile.  I am ok with that. She had her hair up in about 4 ponytails. It is really cute.  We went to get Anthony, you guessed it, he was still sleeping. They woke him up for us and changed him while we waited.  He had sleep all over him. We brought him down to the play room and he looked like he was still 3/4 sleeping.  It took him a few minutes to wake up.  Food helped. He saw the feed bag and went bug eyed, reaching for Ann.

Katherine had the devil in her eye, as Ann says, this morning.  She was in music class when we got there. She saw us through the stained glass window in the door and screamed out, MaMa.  She came running to the door and could not get the door opened quick enough. 

At about 10:30, we brought Anthony back to his room as we knew it was breakfast time. Bill took some pictures of the other children and two very nice caregivers. After Bill and Katherine took pictures, I finished feeding Anthony.  Anthony, Olga and I hung out in the room for a bit. Olga was holding one of the other boys and Anthony and I sat down next to her. I put my finger out and the other little boy grabbed my finger.  Just a baby grabbing a finger.  Well our Anthony grabbed my hand, took my finger, put it in his mouth and bit me. A bit jealous?  Giving Mommy a bit of discipline?  I was shocked and of course pleased all at the same time.  I'm feeling proud that he's put his claim on me.

Anthony also took his first steps today.  We were in the playroom and Bill was holding him up. I put my hands out, Daddy let go and Anthony took about four or five steps all by himself.  I am so glad we got to see him take his first steps.  Soooo Exciting. 

And yes, Katherine had the devil in her this morning. She pulled the pony tails out of her hair. Kept bursting out the playroom door. Just devilish little things. After the last burst out the door, I took her back to her group.  I hope she understands that she went back early and did not have to if she would not burst through the door.  Who knows?  Tough communicating. 

And here's a news flash.  They do have garbage men here in Karaganda. Did we write that they store the garbage in a room in the building?  At least here in our apartment building.  When you have a full garbage bag, you place it outside on the ground in front of this big metal door. Every so often, certainly not every day, a little old man comes out and puts the garbage in a room behind the metal door.  This metal door/garbage room is right next to the front door to the apartment building and right behind the elevator.  Today after lunch we saw the garbage truck in the apartment complex.  All the garbage had been removed from the garbage room and placed in cardboard boxes for collection.  The whole time we've been here we kept thinking the first floor stunk because of the water.  It wasn't.  The first floor and elevator did not stink this afternoon.  It's the garbage that's been stinking.  I know that they don't have this system in all the apartments. The Feret's apartment in the city and apartments we pass on the way to the babyhouse have dumpsters.  I'm all for dumpsters - away from the building.  Can't imagine what it's like in the summer. There have been several up sides to coming at this time of year.  Well at least two upsides.  There are not as many visiting families and the garbage smell is minimized due to the cold. That's my silver lining for today.  Well that and the two beautiful children we're bringing into our family.

We're all packed up and ready to move. Our nighttime post may be a little short due to the move and may be a little late.  Not that you can read this now, but it will explain if we are short and late.

The move is complete. We have really moved uptown.  It has a real bed, a shower curtain, the toilet is in the same room at the sink and shower, a living room.  It is the best.  We will check out the neighborhood tomorrow, it was dark when we got here.  Everything looks scary in the dark. I am sure all of you are chomping at the bit to see our post for today, you'll have to wait another few minutes.

Anthony is such a handsome devil.  Katherine was a lot more calm this afternoon.  I think she is going to a hyper morning person and Anthony will just cruise in to his day.

Anthony is dressed in all pink this afternoon. It was torture to see him like this.  I had to get a couple pictures of him in pink. These may be used against him in the future. I felt bad for him, he will not wear pink when we get home. I guess that is the way it is when you have to clothe 110 children with a budget that consists of donations.  If it fits, you wear it.  He was so full of life this afternoon.  I had a great time with him, just moving around the floor.  He likes being hung upside down.  I am not sure if anybody has ever done it with him but, after the first time he would just fall backwards.

I fed him his afternoon snack. It smelled really good, I thought about sampling it but got scarred. It smelled sweet and like maybe cinnamon.  He ate it all up, quickly.  I did burp him after he sucked down a ton of air drinking from a normal cup. He burped a good one and did not puke his snack up.  He seems to puke a lot, not sure if is due to air in his stomach or the constant congestion they all have. It can't be easy with all the phlegm in your throat all the time.

Ann and Katherine went outside for a ride in the snow. You can see the pictures.  She is so cute.  Look at that face. The pictures speak for themselves.

Sorry for the late post, I was having some technical difficulties.

Good night and God Bless!

© Bill Delmedico 2013