December 27 2003

I hope you'll all indulge us in what I think may be a quick update. The last two nights we were up until 11:30 and Anthony was up at about 3am last night and then again at 7:00 this morning. I'm not complaining, I just want to get some good sleep tonight so I'm not a crank pot tomorrow.

Bill's back is killing him.  Who knows if it's from stress (we did have some emotional days recently), the bed (which is much like a board with padding and I think the padding is a blanket) or carrying small children over icy terrain. It's probably a combination of all of it. He's also had an upset stomach the past few days, so today was a bit rough for him.  Especially since we went out shopping.

Well, first we went to lunch.  Natasha and Olga picked us up at 11:30.  Anthony had just gotten up from a nap so we were scrambling to get out the door.  He of course was hungry and started to cry in the car.  Thankfully, the restaurant, Aladdin, is very close.  When we got there he got a bottle and some food and was very happy indeed.  Two girls, maybe 8 or 9, were there when we got there. They were playing in the play area, (Aladdin is the only restaurant here I know of that has a play place for kids - it ain't McDonald's but it's OK).  Katherine would only watch.  All the way up to the end, she could not work up the courage to go in. She had no interest in the iguana and Natasha took her upstairs to see the turtles, but there didn't seem to be overwhelming interest there either. They did have magic markers and an area where the children can sit and color. She colored the coloring book page for a while and then decided to color her face. I think she had a blue stripe across her chin and a green stripe across her lips and black was mixed in there somewhere. It all washes off and we had a giggle over it.  At lunch Olga noticed the holes in Bill's ear lobes and asked if he had pierced ears.  Bill gave her the run down on the various body piercing he's had. The reaction was a hand covering her mouth and an "OHHHH!"  Pretty funny if you ask me.

Lunch being done, we went to get Katherine a sled.  Lugging around her 25lb frame seems to be not so good for Daddy (as I mentioned earlier). For 1300 tenge we got a used sled with a seat back - no rope.  We have extra clothes line here that will do fine.

Then we went to the hypermarket.  The Hypermarket is probably the newest supermarket.  It has blessedly wide aisles.  The hypermarket was crowded as today was Saturday.  They have the shopping carts that have a car on the bottom for the kids to sit in. We stuffed Katherine in and plopped Anthony on top and off we went. We bought some baby food and canned veggies, blah, blah..  Anthony does a lot of throwing up and we wanted to revert back to some easier to digest baby food.  Seemed to do the trick at dinner tonight. There wasn't a lot of puking going on.

As we were checking out the security guard reprimanded me for not having Katherine's hat on. Both kids were so bundled they were sweating.  I would have liked to tell her to mind her own business, but I just smiled and stuck her hat on her head. I did sneak out of the store without putting Anthony's hat on, just his hood.  Sneaky me.  Good thing I did not get arrested.

By the time we got home, both kids were done in (Daddy was too. Between not feeling good and shopping, he was toast). Anthony had a bottle and started to doze, but did not fall asleep.  He did have that short nap earlier.  We're going to have their schedules all messed up.  Katherine slept about an hour and a half.  We woke her up.  Did not want to ruin her sleep tonight.  Maybe we should have only gone an hour since she is still up and it's 9:30.  She just got out of bed and poked Anthony until he cried. You gotta love that girl!

Anyway, while Katherine napped I walked to the local market, the IOMA. They have rotisserie chickens for sale.  I purchased two.  One for dinner tonight. One for tomorrow.  It was the most normal meal I've had since we went to the Feret's. Chicken, green beans and home made mashed potatoes.  Just thinking about it makes me want to have dinner again.  Katherine enjoyed hers.  Anthony also enjoyed his.  My husband skipped dinner.  Bill was worried about me walking to the market all by myself.  I wasn't worried.  I wanted one of those chickens too much. I threw my little bit of Russian on the ladies (Excuse me please, I don't speak Russian well, I don't understand - that was it).  I think they overcharged me and I was glad to pay it.

It was home, dinner, play and baths. Those two kids both love their baths.  Didn't take them long to adjust.  Of course I'm a nervous with Katherine because I don't want her to drink the water and she loves pouring the water over her head. When we get back to the States, she can drink a whole bathtub full if she wants. Anthony loves splashing around. Daddy gave him his bath tonight.

We tried to watch Finding Nemo.  Katherine is just not interested in TV.  My mother will be so happy! It's not a bad thing that she's not interested, just unusual for a child her age. Anthony likes to stare at the screen, but he is only one year old and has the attention span of a gnat. Oh wait, Katherine is not much different! 

Anthony was out like a light a bed time.  Even after his sister just poked him and made him cry he went right back to sleep.  Katherine on the other hand did not want to go to sleep.  When we went into the bedroom she got the deer in headlights look and actually backed against the wall.  Oh, break my heart.  I talked to her and cuddled her and tried to reassure her and she took full advantage of me. She cried like a banshee when I first laid her down.  She cried like a banshee when I left the first and second and third time.  Finally by the fourth she was quiet and I left.  It's now apparent that she was just plotting her next move.  She's a very clever girl.

Katherine's vocabulary has increased dramatically.  We have Hello, Please, "Blah, Blah, Blah", Yeah, Ta Da! (that came from the magic shows that she still put on tonight), Bye Bye, Anthony, Baby, Dog and Ruff Ruff.  Probably lots more that I can't think of at the moment.  She often calls Bill Mama.  That's one we have to keep working on. 

Anthony is a little chatter box.  He doesn't say a word.  He just jabbers and blabs and grunts, but he does it a lot more now than he did only a short time ago. He still blows raspberries to the delight of us all.  We were in the car going to the hypermarket. I was holding him and he looked like he was just about to go to sleep.  He was stone still. Eyes 3/4 closed and all of a sudden he let loose a raspberry.  Olga and I almost peed ourselves, it was funny.

Ok - I said I'd be short and I'm rambling on and on.

We're going to try and get to bed at a reasonable time.

Good Night!

© Bill Delmedico 2013