December 30 2003

Today started off very tired for everybody. I slept in Katherine's bed, Katherine slept with Mommy.  Somehow this happened in the middle of the night. Not sure how.

Mommy took her first trek outside with out me, Katherine or Anthony. Katherine was not happy about this. She stood by the door sulking. I am not sure what she was thinking other than, "How could she go outside without me". It was just fine. I had her laughing in no time.

Anthony really, really, really wants to be near his sister. She can take him in little snippet's. It is funny, the more she tries to get away the more he tries to get close.

He mimics all the sounds and thinks it is funny when you mimic him. He will grunt, you grunt, he grins and grunts, you grunt. We spend quite a bit of time doing this. I am surprised at how long he will sit and play with you. I guess he has explored the entire apartment and decided sitting in the middle of the living room is ok. The other place he likes to hang out is, in front of the mirror. He gets a real kick out of himself.

The mighty hunter returned from the market and Katherine was all over the bags. Looking through to see what might be for her. It was just about lunch time Katherine was ready. Her stomach is definably on a schedule. I do not think she had to wait for food to be prepared. I believe once they sat down, the meal was served. She now has to wait for the food to be cooked, warmed, cut or otherwise prepared. She has not tolerance for this yet. She will put her bib on and sit at the table and pout until the meal is served. I am sure this will change as she realizes more and more that no matter what, "The food will come".

Anthony is not too different. Once he eyes up the food, the leg starts kicking. He will scrunch up his face, snort at you and grin. He is a little more patient. He has to be, we feed him. He understands that the food will come.

The day took a turn for the worse. Ann is ILL. She has been in and out of bed all day. I think she used all her energy to go to the market. After the kids ate lunch, Ann was toast. Anthony, Katherine and Ann all napped. Katherine got up about 3ish. Ann and Anthony did not budge until 4ish. Ann went back to bed. Got up and tried to participate, I think it was frustrating for both of us. She did not want to abandon us and I wanted her to go to bed. Typical parent stuff. She went to bed. I am glad. She needs some good rest.

Bill with the kids. Anthony was a handful this evening. He was a little crabby. No big deal except all he wanted was to be held. Katherine also, only wanted to be held. This is tough, as all of you know.

I got dinner ready and fed the kids. Katherine was not too hungry or did not like what I made. Anthony will eat anything you put on the end of a spoon. What was for dinner you ask, carrots, green beans and chicken. His was all mashed up.

I am not sure if I mentioned this before, if so sorry. When we were visiting Anthony at the orphanage, he threw up a lot. I mean, every time we saw him he was throwing up. I thought this may be due to all the activity. We got him here to the apartment and tried to keep in stride with the diet he had at the orphanage. That is tough. It seemed he ate all the time there and the food was interesting. Bread at every meal, cookie soaked in some kind of milk, Kipher, not sure what else. We bought the kipher and gave it to the kids. He was still throwing up at least half of what we fed him. We made the command decision to change his diet. We removed total solids, Kipher, milk and bread. He is now eating mashed food, jarred baby food, baby cereal mixed with formula and drinks formula from a bottle. He now only spits up now and again. I was surprised at the change. He seems much happier. I think we will again reevaluate his diet when we get home. For now, he is really happy with what we are giving him.

Katherine wanted all the attention tonight while mommy was ill. She understood that Ann was sick. She did not bust in to the room and wake her. I am proud of her for being aware of all the stuff around her. I am sure this will come and go, for today, it was good.

Bed time was absolutely amazing. I gave Anthony a bottle while Katherine and I watched Powder Puff Girls on the Cartoon Network (in English). If I never watch cartoon network again, I will be just fine. Ann and I are not huge TV watchers, at all. We watch maybe 10 hours a week at home. Anyway, Katherine sat pretty quiet for somebody who does not care for sitting still. Anthony finished up his bottle. Ann came out for a trip to the toilet. What timing. I took Anthony to his crib and Katherine followed. I laid him down and Ann returned and gave us the boot. He was out in less then 10 minutes. This is unusual for him. He will kick, talk, coo, roll, stand pretty much everything except lay down.

Katherine and I came back out to finish up our episode of Powder Puff Girls. She sat in my lap and just kicked back for about 20 minutes. This is the longest she has ever sat with me. I guess she is getting a little comfortable. We brushed our teeth. I started to sweat it, you already know how she is at bedtime. Well, tonight was really different. I carried her in to her room. I gave our eyes a minute to adjust to the darkness, we took it slow getting to the bed. I think she liked that. When I laid her down, I got really close to her face and told her a story. Ann has been reading to her at bedtime, no light this evening. So, I told her all about the rest of our trip. How we will be getting on an airplane and flying to Almaty. We would stay in another apartment there. Then we get on another airplane and that it would be a very long flight to the United States of America. We would be going to a place called New Jersey. Guess what is there, I said. Your new house. You have you own bed and you share a room with your brother Anthony, until you guys are a little older. That you will live to with Ryan, Sarge, Daisy, Mommy, Daddy and Anthony. That you will live there for as long as you like. Maybe when you are a grown up, you might want to travel around. You are always loved and welcomed at your Home. Our home as a great big family. I gave her 4 kisses on her face and told her "I love you Katherine Delmedico, Have good sleep and good Dreams". I left the room and stood by the door for when she let loose with crying. She started making some loud noises and I firmly, quietly, said "Good night Katherine". That was it. No cry, no getting out of bed, no end of the world because I have to go to bed. I was SURPRISED.

That is it. I am sure that Ann will fill you in on her illness tomorrow, if she is feeling better.

Good night.

© Bill Delmedico 2013