December 31 2003

Happy New Years Eve to Everyone!

Big news for tonight. Anthony had a bottle before bed and actually fell asleep. That is, did not jerk awake and cry when the bottle was removed from his mouth. I put him on my shoulder, he let out a baby burp or three and was placed in his crib and instantly went to sleep!  Such a big milestone.  Only took us a week to get here.  I don't expect it every night, but at least we're making progress.

So what happened today?  Not too much.

I was feeling better.  Thanks to everyone that sent their best wishes for my speedy recovery. Mostly today I was just tired. But I could eat again and didn't feel sick the way I did yesterday. I wish I knew what it was.  Had to be something I ate, but I didn't have anything I hadn't had before.  Well, it didn't kill me, didn't last too long and Bill got the opportunity to spend some one on one time with the kids.

Katherine and I suited up this morning and took a walk.  We stopped by the playground first, but when I asked if she wanted to go on the slide, she said No.  So, we just went for a walk.  Well, I walked and she glided on the luxury sled we purchased.  It was a nice walk.  We found a walking park (don't know what else to call it).  It was peaceful and looked very pretty with all the trees covered with snow.  We didn't venture too far into the park as I did not want to get lost.  We'll go a little further next time. I would like to take some pictures.  There was a big war memorial that looked cool. But that have us a little freaked about taking pictures in public. The other day when Bill took the pictures of the court house, I told Olga we were cautioned about taking pictures in public. She said Well Sure.  A Policeman might question why you are taking pictures. Like just then, Why would Bill be taking a picture of a government building? Perhaps he is a spy.  I said, Move over James Bond, here comes William Delmedico the Spy. Seems kind of silly to us. Who would want to spy in Karaganda?

There are lots and lots of dogs out there.  Katherine is fascinated by them all. We walked by the school that had the ice slides I talked about.  I tried to take a couple of pictures.  They'll be posted tonight. I haven't seen what they look like.  Hope they do them justice.  There were two boys and their dog on it today.  Even the dog was going down the slide.  Pretty funny.  We stopped at the playground on the way back.  She slid a time or two and went on the merry go round. We climbed on the tires, conscious of where the dogs might have lifted their legs on them and that was it.  We were ready to come in.  Just before we made it back to the apartment, a little Kazak lady stopped us and fixed Katherine's hat. She said a whole bunch of things to Katherine. Of course I understand none of it and Katherine maybe gets a little. They are very particular about keeping the children bundled!  I just said Thank You (in Russian) with a smile and came on home.

I fell asleep at nap time again. Could have used a longer one.  I also checked email during nap time. A woman Bill used to work with also used to live in Russia and she advised we get as much sleep last night as possible because with it being New Years Eve tonight we wouldn't be getting much. As I sit here at 9:00pm there are fire crackers going off constantly.  There's a party above us and a party next to Katherine's room.  I take it things are only heating up. What really sucks about the firecrackers is that it's so hot in the apartment, you have to have the windows open so you're not really blocking the noise as much as you otherwise could.  I'm one of those people that can sleep through just about anything.  I'm more worried about the kids getting woken up. I already know Bill will be up half the night.  We are not big New Years Eve celebrators and will not be staying up until midnight.

Bill and Katherine went to the grocery store with Olga and Natasha this afternoon.  I stayed home with Anthony. Bill said the grocery store was packed.  It's been very busy the past few days.  New Years Eve is a very big celebration here.  Bill says Katherine is still uncomfortable with all the people.  It's really crowded and to be so little amongst so many when you are used to fixed class sizes has to be overwhelming.

Anthony and I just hung out and did things babies like to do. We played.

We had pasta for dinner. Yum Yum.  I couldn't eat much, but Bill seemed to enjoy it. This is my famous Pasta with Broccoli and cheese and butter. It's still not the same as when I make it home, but it is a passable substitute. I'm not sure Katherine looked upon it too favorably, but she did eat. (She always eats.)

Bath time was a bunch of fun. Always is.  Anthony is still the big splasher. I still get all nervous about them drinking the water. Katherine just can't be left out of anything.  I'm giving Anthony a bath and suddenly she has to go pee. So there were the four of us in the bathroom. Katherine sitting on her chamber pot with her neck craned up so she can see what fun she was missing in the tub. That chamber pot was dry, but she knew what was going on.

Bill bathed Katherine and took bath time one step further. He got her to stick her head under the faucet and under the shower head.  She wasn't too sure of it at first, but Daddy built up her confidence and she had a great time.

Katherine gave us a little fashion show later.  She started by putting on my hat. Then she put on her snow boots.  Eventually she added my scarf. Switched to my boots.  For the final presentation she put on her own hat and scarf. She was very cute.  She is very interested in her clothes and I think will enjoy dressing up as a way to play. She's a well rounded girl. She most surely will be athletic (at least active), but she still likes dolls and clothes. Getting her hair brushed and brushing our hair. 

That's about it for the day.

Hope you all have a safe New Years Eve celebration.

© Bill Delmedico 2013