December 7 2003

    This is the start of our official journey.  I am in a panic and my stomach is in Knots.  Ann wants loud music, this never happens, to drown out the thoughts in her head.  I think she is nervous.

    Ryan is out playing in the snow, we had about 8 inch's the past 2 days.  We have shoveled the driveway and sidewalk entirely too many times the past 2 days.  I will get  a snow blower when we return.  He is going to miss us, started to tear up a couple of times.  We recorded 2 books for him on CD's.  Captain underpants and the last half of a Goose bumps book he is reading.  Hopefully this will help him with missing us.  We read every night and this may help by hearing our voices every night before bed.

    The puppies know that we are really leaving and have been giving us the, "Why are you leaving us stare".  Grandma will take good care of them.

    We have 280 pounds of Gifts, donations, clothes, coffee maker, power converters and hand/foot warmers.  We have 4, 29", suitcases at max capacity, 2 back-packs, Ann's purse and an extra duffle carry on full of gifts for the older kids.  This is from the sponsor a child program. 

    Our flight seems to be on schedule and we will be leaving the house about 3 this afternoon. The next update to this site will be from half way around the world, WHAT AN ADVENTURE AND BLESSING.

    I will update with some pictures once we get settled in to the apartment in Karaganda.

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