January 1 2004

Happy New Year!!! 

We watched the ball in Times Square drop.  It was 11am here in Kaz.  Had we been in the U.S. we would not have been up to watch. First time in many years either of us has seen the ball drop.

Bill did not sleep well last night.  Lots and Lots of firecrackers exploding.  There were some flashes of light to go with it. Like I said yesterday, I slept through it pretty well.  Not much keeps me from sleeping.  However, I do have the Mommy ears and every time one of the kids breathes different I hear it. That's OK. That's what Mommy's have ears for.

Bill wasn't feeling too well today. Not as bad as I was the other day, but a bit under the weather none the less. He ate dinner and snacked so it couldn't be too bad.

Katherine and I took a walk again today. We went to the same walking park we went to yesterday. Today was New Years Day (as if you didn't already know that) and everyone here was on a holiday (could have guessed that too, huh?). So lots of people were out and about and pretty smiley.  The number of people was a little scary for me, but I was determined to take pictures of the memorial today. When we got to the memorial, we found they had lit an eternal flame (not too eternal since it wasn't lit yesterday), and people had left a few roses.  We saw several people visit the memorial. It was very touching actually.  I did take a few pictures.  Aren't you proud of how brave I was?  We walked a little farther into the park. A group of three or four people stopped to talk to Katherine, you know, little old lady oohing over a cute little girl - or as I interpret it, looking at the little girl and saying she needs to be dressed warmer.  I flung out my 'I don't understand Russian, Excuse me Please' and she said a few more things we smiled and moved on. It's tough to get over the complex that everyone is evaluating if you've dressed your child warm enough. We were cautioned not to speak too much English while we were out walking, so I get a little freaked about even talking to Katherine.  It's weird, but it was good to be out.  Katherine decided she wanted to pull me on the sled and I let her try.  I sat down and got situated and she gave a tug and the thing did not budge.  She looked at me like 'You've got a lot of nerve weighing so much'.   Then she and I had a little disagreement over which direction we should walk.  I said, let's go this way, she pointed indicated the other way.  I held my ground.  She grabbed her sled, waved and said Bye Bye.  I said Bye.  She kept walking.  She looked back and said Bye Bye again. I was starting to get that sinking feeling in my stomach, you know the one that says she's really going to keep going. That she doesn't like me and has planned this departure.  Of course, that is not what happened.  Another step or two and it was the come here gesture.  I loaded her on the sled and off we went toward home (my direction). There were a bunch of kids playing on the ice slides.  I wish I could bring Katherine over, but there are no other adults there and I don't know the rules.  Like, are we even allowed, is she considered too young, what's the etiquette on the slide. Perhaps I will ask Olga tomorrow.  Maybe it's one we'll just pass on.  Anything that might cause stitches is avoided like the plague.

We made it back home and made some dinner.  At the orphanage, they would put bibs on the kids (Katherine), place the bib on the table and put the plate on top of the bib.  This kept the children clean and also caught whatever food they spilled. The kids usually scooped the food off the bib. So, Katherine has been doing the same thing here.  It makes me cringe.  I just hate the whole idea of it. Now, in some respects, Katherine is every mother's dream.  When she takes off her dirty clothes, she puts it in the dirty laundry basket.  She must wipe the table after she eats and can't stand to have her hands dirty or have food drop to the floor. Everything has a place and everything should be in it's place.  I think when she is older she may find they diagnose this as OCD.  Anyway, this habitual compulsive behavior worked against us tonight. As she was eating she pulled back a little and the plate began to topple. She wasn't in trouble with us, but when we decided that was it for the bib and she could use a booster seat (a plastic wash tub turned upside down), she freaked like she was in huge trouble.  Her banshee crying began when the bib was removed.  I guess she thought we were taking the food away.  There wasn't much to do but continue with the plan and in the end it worked out good.  Communication is a pain.

Anthony is a dream boat. He lays his head on your shoulder now (not all the time, but often enough that it's becoming regular). He smiles and coos and grunts and raspberries and is walking (unsteadily) all over the place. When I tried to put him down for his afternoon nap, he would have none of it.  I couldn't figure it out. He usually goes down pretty easy.  He likes his nap after a bottle.  Nope!  Twist and coo and grunt and gurgle.  Not sleepin' now Mom!  So I gave up. Took him out of the crib. Brought him in the living room and shortly after that he exploded (as babies are supposed to explode). Got him changed up and he looked like he was ready to run a marathon. Still not tired.  Bill says, Are you going to put him down for his nap?  I'm like, Does He Look ready for a nap?  Bill says try.  I go in, put him in the crib and Bam! he's out like a light.  Just goes to show that Bill is always right!  Tonight when I put him to bed, Bill and Katherine were watching Tom and Jerry. There is a 24 hour Tom and Jerry marathon on the Cartoon Network for New Years Day.  This is better than Power Puff girls. We all took a vote and it was unanimous. So after his bottle, he did the jerk awake thing and I walk into the bedroom with him and he's craning his neck and twisting his body, I thought 'Oh Man! He just wants to see what Dad and Katherine are doing and he wants to watch a little Tom and Jerry'.  Wrong again. That boy was trying to jump out of my arms to get in his crib.  I swear he was trying to launch himself at it. I put him down and he was asleep before his head hit the poor excuse for a crib mattress.

We're happy to report there have been no more bug sightings. This is very good as it helps me sleep at night.

Bill broke more stuff in the bathroom. Not on purpose. The towel rack in the shower fell off yesterday. Unfortunately for Bill it happened when he was trying to hang a towel. Bill has quite the reputation for breaking stuff.  He has a great reputation for fixing stuff too, but give him a shovel, rake, screwdriver, broom and the handle will be broken before you know it.  He can't help himself.  He's just doesn't know his own strength.  So when the towel rack fell off yesterday we had quite a giggle over it.  Bill re-hung the towel rack.  Then today I was in the bedroom and I hear Clang Clang!.  Katherine comes running in babbling in her Katherine babble telling me that something happened with Daddy. (That's the OCD thing again). There's Bill with a towel rack in his hands again and I just burst out laughing.  This time he broke it better. Some porcelain piece got broken. The towel rack is officially dead. Don't have to worry about that falling off again.

Bill's reading over my shoulder and has reminded me of my own Oops moment of the day. As you may or may not know paper products suck here. Paper towels can't get wet. The most commonly used toilet paper is like gray party streamers.  Of course we use the deluxe toilet paper because we are pampered Americans. The toilet paper holder (which if you remember I made fall off the wall the other day) is directly above Katherine's chamber pot.  In case you did not know, a chamber pot is a plastic porta potty without a lid.  It almost looks like a short sand bucket, or a dog's water bowl.  So, Katherine goes potty, just some number one and of course I am there supervising. She stands up, I pull on the paper to give her the proper amount and the fresh, brand new roll of toilet paper falls into the dirty chamber pot.  That was gross! 

Grosser than that was, we have a couple of the rings from a stacking toy. They were left here by someone else and the whole toy is not around.  We are also one more ring short now.  I let the kids play with the ring while in the bath tub last night. As happens with those things, water got inside. I left it in the tub last night hoping it would run out.  It did not, so today I squeezed the water out and put the ring on the top of the toilet around the handle you pull up to flush.  Of course when I looked later, there was the ring laying in the little catch basin in the toilet. OH YUCK!  I threw it in the bathroom garbage and the flap on the garbage can did not close completely.  The bathroom garbage can is right next to Katherine's chamber pot. On one of her trips to the pot, she saw the ring and reached in to grab it.  I am SUCH A GIRL!  Of course I'm SQUEALING!  NO Don't Touch It!  Ryan knows exactly what I would have sounded like.

OK - enough bathroom grossness for tonight.

The only other thing worth mentioning is the bed time rituals.  We need to get it goin' on!  Now, get your heads out of the gutter. What I'm saying is, Katherine is killing us!  We put her down, she gets up, we put her down, she gets up, ad infinitum until she cries like a banshee and we keep looking for the volume control on her because her brother is sleeping.  Talk about a test in patience. And she's tired!  I say Daddy has better luck putting her down.  I am handing over the reins.  As of tomorrow's nap time it's his job. God Bless him with patience and good luck.  Again, it's really hard when you figure she only gets a few words out of what you say. But we're also not novices and we know she knows enough to get it that she needs to be in bed and that Mom and Dad are going to be here when she gets up. She's playing it for all it's worth.

Well, that was our New Years Day. Hope yours found you healthy and happy and hope you haven't broken your resolutions yet.  (Best not to make any, than you don't have to break them)

Good Night!

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