January 2 2004

I worried all day today that we would have nothing to really tell you.  It was a quiet day. With a long nap for Katherine, she did not even go outside today. However, that magic moment happened tonight.  At least it was magic to me.  We'll get to the end at the end however.  So let me start with I have to eat my words from yesterday on two counts.

My dreamboat Anthony had me awake from somewhere around 3am to somewhere after 4am.  I think it was longer than an hour, but you just can't tell here.  There are no digital clocks and I do not pop on a light to check the time as soon as I get up.  In the dark of the night, it seems like an eternity.  That boy just wouldn't go back to sleep.  Here's how it started and this was pretty funny.  It's always hot in our bedroom and last night was no exception. Bill roasts.  I heard him get up out of bed, he's got to walk by Anthony's crib.  As he walked by, Anthony started stirring. I figure Bill has made a call of nature trip. I could use one myself before tending to Anthony, so I wait. And wait and wait.  Bill's not coming back. I think that he wasn't feeling well yesterday and so maybe it was a different nature call.  All the while Anthony is stirring and crying in spurts and I'm getting him back down, but it's becoming more urgent.  I peeked my head around the doorway and sure enough the light in the bathroom is on and the door is closed. The breaking point came. I got a diaper, and figured let me get the bottle ready before Anthony is really up. Just as I was about to pass his crib out the door Anthony let loose. I took that one extra step out and threw the diaper onto Bill's head.  I meant to throw it on the couch and I kind of did, Bill's head just happened to be on top of the couch.  He had a nature call, but just a normal one, only the power was out so when he put the light on, there was no light. He closed the bathroom door, but never hit the switch again cuz the power was out.  Then because it was so hot in our bedroom, he laid on the couch just waiting for a diaper to hit him in the face. 

After that Anthony just wouldn't go back down.  Finally I caved and gave him a second bottle and that did the trick. But it was quite the struggle for me. I was tired today. Whatever, right? Welcome to motherhood.

The other eat my words was another bug tonight. Yuck!

Katherine and Anthony are finding affection for each other. She'll plant a kiss on him occasionally and he will back to her in his open fish lip kind of way. But it's sporadic and tentative.  While I was making breakfast this morning, I had Anthony clinging to my pant legs whining for food the way he does when he gets wind of it. I was looking for a distraction for him and had just grabbed his hands to walk him into the living room.  Katherine was just coming around the corner to come into the kitchen.  I just opened up Anthony's arms and gave her a big hug with his body.  They were both surprised and delighted. It was very cute.

Due to Katherine's long nap, I did not take her shopping with me when Olga and Natasha came.  It's such a hassle to bundle up poor Anthony I don't have the heart to take him out if it's not necessary.  The boy sweats puddles in his fur lined snow suit.  Turns out that today was also a holiday for the New Year. Many shops were closed.  We were just going to the market so no big deal. There were lots of people out and about again. The shops being closed was kind of weird. It's usually bustling all the time. We made a special run to a very local type market to purchase some diet coke.  Sorry for the rest of the people coming here, but I'm making every effort to bleed them dry of Coca Cola Light.  They don't have much.  That was the entire shopping experience.

As we were having dinner (and there are some dinner pictures tonight - we were trying to get Anthony clamping down on the spoon and Katherine on her make shift booster seat) Bill and I were talking about how weird it all must be for both of them.  Katherine is not used to eating with grown ups. Anthony is not used to eating with anyone that has food that doesn't look like his.  He's fascinated by his sister's food. Katherine is not used to having to watch the food be prepared. It's just sit at the table and be served. (This is my magic moment by the way) After bath tonight we were just sitting waiting for bedtime.  Katherine picked up a block and a small toy bowling pin.  She went to the side of the TV Stand which is just the right height for her and started using the bowling pin as a spoon and the block as a pot. She started feeding herself and then going back and forth to the kitchen cabinets pretending to get things to prepare the food. She fed each and everyone of us. Both food and drink. It was the first time she initiated creative play. And mimicking the cooking was what every little girl should do. She couldn't have before because she didn't know what it was. It melted my heart. I want one of those full kitchen play sets with the faucet that sounds like water is running and the pans that sound like they are frying. Bill says then we'll have to get rid of the coffee table in the living room.  I say we should have built on that playroom (for those that don't know we discussed and eventually nixed a pricey addition to our home which would have given all the children their own bedroom and a nice play room and new office for Bill). So, Bill says, you know I can close in 1/2 to 3/4 of the garage. I just need to get me a big shed for the backyard.  In an instant I am convinced that it is what we will have to do.  I am such a push over!  Hey - So is Bill - He Agreed!!!

After dinner Anthony exploded. I figured I might as well put him in the tub instead of waste a diaper. So in he went. He was just as excited about getting in the tub as he is about food.  You put food anywhere near that kid and his leg starts keeping double time and he's grunting away.  Bath time was the same.  Daddy was washing the dishes. Katherine decided she needed to come in and use the chamber pot.  Next thing I know, she's standing there naked. She wants in the tub with her brother.  So in she went and the two of them splashed and played and giggled and had a great time.

There are some pictures of our feet.  Aunt Lu, I took these just for you. Neither of the kids has the McHugh middle toe.

That's it for tonight. Things are really loud. There is a dog fight in the hallway. People are banging out the front door. It's Friday. It's still a holiday for everyone in Kaz.  I hope that at least the firecrackers have ceased.

Tomorrow we go to the circus. Be sure to tune in. That should be a doozy! 

© Bill Delmedico 2013