January 4 2004

Well, if you read yesterday, you know we had a successful go to sleep time with Katherine.  However, she was up several times during the night/early morning hours. This would be one thing, except she gets to crying and that wakes up Anthony and you can imagine the scene. I'm sure I've mentioned before that she's in a room by herself. It is connected to our bedroom, but still the bed is tucked into the corner of the room farthest away from the door. So, I have caved to Plan B.  This is to set her up in our bedroom.  There was a small couch in her room.  We took the cushion off that and brought it into our room.  With her help we brought out her pillow and blanket and stuffed dog and she seemed very happy that this would be where she was sleeping.  Here's hoping it works OK. It's not bed time yet and the night is long.

We got to talk Ryan and Gran on the phone this morning.  It was Great Talking to them. Ryan had a really great trip to Tennessee. He's ready to move there to be with Katie and Adam. Of course, we all know that vacation is different than day to day real life. You've got to go to school in Tennessee just like New Jersey and I don't think bedtime is midnight on school nights in Tennessee. Anyway, I'm just really glad Ryan had a great trip. Today (your Sunday) he and Gran are supposed to go buy a new helmet for the gas motor scooter Santa brought him.  Elbow pads and knee pads would also be a good idea.

Bill and Katherine took the garbage out and so, took the opportunity to take a small walk around the apartment buildings.  They checked out the kids playing on the ice slides. There is one slide that is metal and has ice on top of it. It is not in the school playground.  However, as Bill noticed today, there is metal rebar sticking out of the ground at the bottom of the slide. Kids just slide right into them.  It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye! Bill finally took a picture of the open manholes.  We are both fascinated that manholes here often have no covers.  There are some by our garbage dumpsters that seem to be permanently without covers.  'Hey, What happened to Ivan?'  'Don't know, last time I saw him he was taking the garbage out.'  With all the Vodka they drink around here, it's a surprise they don't lose more people.

Katherine and I went to the grocery store today with Natasha and Olga. I wanted to go to two places.  Absol, which is a larger grocery store (the Hyper Market is the biggest, but you have to know what you want to know where to go) and IOMA which is the small market in walking distance from the apartment. IOMA is spelled slightly different due to the Russian alphabet. The O has a dash through it. But those are the letters.  How would you pronounce it?  When I told Olga where I wanted to go, she just looked at me like what are you talking about. I pronounced it the way it is spelled I as in Ice Cream,  O as in Open and  MA.  Well when I got the blank stare, I said, you know the market close to the apartment.  I want to get a chicken and it's just easier if you're with me. Olga started laughing.  IOMA is not pronounced as it looks. IOMA is pronounced UMA as in Uma Thurman.  She just thought that was the funniest thing.

We went to Absolv and did most of our shopping.  Katherine wasn't too freaked, but she won't speak outside the apartment. She says lots of words in English.  Every time I get the rice cereal for Anthony, she sees the baby on the box and says Baby. We see the same box in the store and I say Katherine, what's that?  Dead silence. I keep telling Natasha and Olga all the words she says and she won't speak any.  We leave Absolv and go to UMA and get our chicken and come on home. Olga and Natasha both helped carry the groceries and Katherine into the apartment. Once she was safely across the threshold and they were walking down the steps she said 'Bye, Bye!!'  Of course they both oohed and aahed. That girl knows how to work a room. And Olga and especially Natasha are always doting on her.

As you all know Anthony is a novice walker. He can walk across the room, but he's wobbly all the way.  And, I might add, my son is not a weeble. He wobbles and he does fall down. There is a TV stand in the living room that is just the right height for his face. (I took some pictures of him later in the day hanging on the TV Stand. He was dancing.  The boy's got rhythm). Well, it had to happen eventually. He took those few short steps from the couch to the TV and tripped along the way.  He went lip first into the TV Stand and came up with a bloody lip.  A first for him I'm sure.  Kids are tough though.  He cried and bled and stopped crying and stopped bleeding and went back to the business of playing.  I forgot to mention yesterday that he also had his first Ice Cream at the circus.  I assume it was his first.  I'm not sure about Katherine. She was not thrilled with ice cream though.  The look on her face as she was eating the cone (sharing it with Daddy) was painful. It was not the look of yum yum.  Anthony on the other hand was all about the yum yum.  It's OK if Katherine doesn't like ice cream.  One less person to stick their spoon in my Ben and Jerry's.

There hasn't been much of anything that Anthony doesn't like in the way of food.  There was some orange stuff and some other green stuff in a jar that he let come blobbing back out of his mouth, but other than that, all the real food has caused the leg to go a swinging.

We talked to Suzanne Feret today.  Jim was napping. He's got himself a chest cold. It was good to talk to Suzanne. We're all itching because in four days we get on a plane to Almaty. We have already planned to make some dinner trips to Mad Murphy's Pub.  They have edible cheeseburgers. We also talked about maybe taking a ride into the foot hills.  It's supposed to be very beautiful.  We try not to get too far ahead of ourselves, it's better to stay in the moment, but we are all very much looking forward to the next trek of our journey.

After dinner, while Bill was doing up the dishes, I pulled out the plastic photo books that have pictures of Ryan and Me and Bill at home and pictures of Sarge and Daisy too.  The kids always like looking at those.  We went through them a couple time.  Anthony chews his a lot. Katherine is fascinated with pictures of people she knows, but mostly those of herself.  I have another photo album I had prepared for court, but never used. It has a picture of every room in our house, the outside of the house and then of various people from our family. I had not shown these to Katherine before, but figured I might as well show her where she's going to live. I think she said Cool when she saw the house, but you know that's probably my wishful thinking.  We really try to get her to recognize Ryan, but I think because she's only seen him in pictures, he's not real to her. I can't wait until she gets off the plane and sees him for the first time.  I will be sure to show her his pictures just before we get off the plane. My only regrets are I do not have a picture of my mother and I do not have a picture of Katherine's bed.  We have a picture of Anthony's crib and she completely understood that was his. Just as she understood that our bed was ours.  I think the visuals will help.  She's totally into looking at the pictures.  

I was trying to get a jump on updating the web site, so I started while the kids were still up. Bill and Katherine were in the bathroom and Anthony was just hanging here with me. When Katherine came out she was immediately drawn to the computer. She and Bill had looked at a slide show of all the pictures we've taken on our trip before.  She remembered, and since it's picture night she asked to see the pictures on the computer. Of course, I obliged. She got really excited to see the kids from the baby house. All the kids from her room. She also got really excited at pictures of herself.  So did I.  There were those pictures from Christmas when they dressed her in that white costume and we took pictures in front of the tree. I went "OOH!" and put my hands to my face and she started copying me. Putting her hands up to her face and putting her hand in front of her mouth.  Anthony was laughing at the way we were carrying on.

Things here must be getting pretty desperate. I bought a loaf of bread today at Absolv and it was GOOD!  It was so good, Bill said we should walk to the store tomorrow and get more.  You know desperate times call for desperate measures.  That bread was to die for. The small things mean so much!

That's about it for the day. I feel like we're kind of brief tonight, but not a lot happened today. You can be sure that if we venture out on our own tomorrow we will have something to write about.

Good Night! 

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