January 7 2004

Taralee asked on the guestbook to remind everyone why we are going to Almaty for a week.  It's just part of the process.  This is how it works. Almaty is the largest, most developed city in Kazakhstan.  It used to be the capitol, but for several reasons they moved the capitol to Astana in northern Kaz. Astana is being built up, but is still far from what Almaty is today.  The lawyers with whom our agency work are based in Almaty. When you fly into Kaz, with our agency, you always fly into Almaty and then go to your final destination.  Once you are in the region you are adopting, you must spend 2 weeks visiting your children at the orphanage. After the 2 weeks, you go to court. Your adoption is approved by the court on the court date, but it technically is not final for another two weeks. That additional two weeks is a waiting period to see if any of the children's birth family make a claim for them. After the two weeks is up, (which is Jan 8th for us) you can leave the region you are in. The reason you have to wait another week after that is because there is paperwork that needs to be completed.  Children's passports and visas and whatever else.  Because Almaty is where the lawyers are and is the biggest city, that is where you wait your final week. 

We had quite the lovely morning this morning. The lovely morning was followed by a full night's sleep for the children.  Katherine did wake up at about 11:00, just before we were going to bed. Made a trip to the chamber pot and back to bed.  She initially thought she was going to stay up with us, but I ushered her back in and she was able to go back to sleep on her own. 

Anthony woke me up a little after 7am.  After I heard him, I heard the phone ringing.  Hooray!!! It was Gran and Ryan. Got to chat with Ryan a bit and found out he finally go to ride his gas scooter. I also found out that, through our neighbor Nancy, that Ryan got his name in the paper for being on the honor role!  Go Ryan!!!!  Ryan got to say Hello to both Katherine and Anthony and both the children said Hello back to Ryan.  That was a first that Katherine was willing to actually speak into the phone. She would listen before, but not say anything. Gran is planning our welcome home feast. I'm starting to worry that as much as I'd like some good U.S. food, I won't be able to eat much.  My girlfriend Jennifer said I look to thin in the pictures and Suzanne Feret made the same comment when she saw me yesterday.  Don't worry is all I can say.  We have found plenty of good chocolate.  I am not skimping on the calories. The Nestle chocolate is REAL chocolate and then we found these things called 'Dumle'.  They have caramel on the inside and chocolate on the outside. I'm in heaven!!!   I digress. 

After our phone call Anthony had a bottle and Katherine and I were just doing our thing.  She REALLY loves the baby doll Bill bought for her yesterday.  That was the first thing she went for this morning and she hasn't put it down all morning.  Katherine of course went to the chamber pot.  She went again shortly there after.  Then she asked to go again.  This is not entirely unusual. I'm still convinced the girl has a bladder infection.  Well she went in and was there a minute. I wasn't paying too much attention because I was occupied with Anthony.  I asked if she was done and she said yes, stood up and YES! There was a present for me in the chamber pot!!!!!   I was so proud of her.  She was so proud of herself.  I think we woke Daddy up because just as we got it all cleaned up with all the hugs and kisses that go along with it, Daddy came out of the bedroom and asked if Katherine had made poop in the pot.  She got a big thumbs up from Daddy.

We had breakfast and the rest of the morning was just hanging out and playing.  Katherine's entire morning was devoted to her baby. I gave her a spoon and a cup and we fed the baby.  We took some cloth diapers and wrapped the baby up.  She must have spent a good half hour all by herself just laying the blankets out properly to put the baby in the blankets.  Every once in a while she would hit it just right and the baby would laugh (if you tickle its leg it laughs and she can't make this happen on command).  When the baby laughed, she was thrilled. The $5.00 that baby cost was the best investment we've made yet.  Who the man?  Daddy the man.

We had to put the baby down for a nap (hidden on top of the refrigerator) so that Katherine could snuggle up with Daddy and get her afternoon nap.

Anthony has been a bit cranky the past few days.  I think he's cutting teeth.  He seemed to have a little fever this morning. I went to our medicine bag and found that I had given all my baby Tylenol to the babyhouse.  Good Move Mom!  I had some children's cold medicine with Motrin in it, so we gave him a small dose of that.  The decongestant in it won't hurt him. That boy's been a phlegm box from the day we met him.

That's about it for this morning. I am finally going to go take my shower.  We'll update more after nap time.

Anthony is still a little cranky. But he's also still a cutie.  We bought a stacking toy where the pieces are puzzle pieces. He sat and played with that for a long time. I'd put them together. He's pull them apart. We read stories. And played with plastic links, which are by far one of his favorites.

Katherine's baby is still her favorite. The baby was knocking down the block towers tonight. She thought her baby was very smart to do that. She can undress her baby without much problem. Tonight we worked on her being able to dress the baby. After dressing the baby 10 times or more, it becomes apparent she needs to learn how to put on what she took off.

Best news of the day, we packed.  We still have some laundry hanging, hoping it will dry. But we pulled out only the clothes we need for tomorrow. We'll need to pack up our diapers and formula and whatever other food type items we're bringing, but that's it. Looks like we'll be able to leave one suitcase behind.  We started with four.  We're down to three tomorrow and we're hoping for two by the time we travel back home.  (Two of our suitcases broke on the trip here, so losing two is A.OK with us) Tomorrow night we will sleep in Almaty.

There's not much else to say about today. We stayed in the whole day.  I did take the garbage out tonight around 7:30.  That was a little weird because it was the first time I did that in the dark. The most interesting thing was there were still a ton kids playing on the ice slide with the steel rebar sticking 6 inches out of the ground at the bottom of the slide. I think there were some adults there though, so it must be OK.

Just want to let everyone know we will be posting early and probably short tomorrow. Our flight departs around 8pm, so they'll pick us up at 6:00.  We'll want to post before then since it will easily be 11pm by the time we reach the apartment in Almaty.

Good Night! 

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