January 8 2004

We're leaving on a prop plane.  Don't know when we'll be back again. Oh Babe I'm glad to go.......

Almaty here we come.

What a morning.  The kids were up early - that meant so was I. That's OK. We had a good enough start. Gran and Ryan called.  Bill answered and chatted with them a while. Ryan and I started talking and the line went dead.  Gran sent us an email later and said Ryan wondered why we didn't call back. I was wondering why they didn't call us back.  Communication is tough 9000 miles away.

Bill woke up with an achy stomach today.  He was really not feeling well at all.  Not a good day to be sick. We got business to take care of.  If you know my husband at all, you know he pretty much ignores whatever sickness he has.  He pulled himself together and did some last minute packing. He washed the towels and the bathroom rugs so the next family has clean things ready. He played with the kids, etc., etc.   I went to IOMA to get a chicken and some water to bring to Almaty with us.  We need the chicken for dinner and since we'll arrive so late in Almaty we won't want to go out and get water.  I scored a diet pepsi and a diet 7up at the IOMA.  Lucky find. Bill's nursing the 7up. That should help the belly.

I trimmed Katherine's bangs this morning.  She was a little nervous about it. As I was sitting her on my lap, she would see the scissors and say Oww! Oww!.  I kept telling her it would be OK and it was.  We trimmed them up and she had to get a view of herself in the mirror.  The only problem with using scissors on a young child's hair is that they get the idea they can do it themselves.  Good thing we're leaving today.  Maybe the next apartment won't have any scissors at all.

Katherine's baby is still very important in her life.  She's very protective of her.  I told her that the doll is Katherine's baby and Anthony is Mommy's baby.  I also told her that Katherine is Mommy's girl. She thought that was funny.

Katherine went down for her nap without a problem, snuggling in Daddy's arms. Anthony however was having no part of a nap. He hadn't had his post lunch explosion and just won't go to sleep until it occurs.  I usually eat lunch after Anthony goes down for his nap and when I don't eat I get cranky.  That would be on top of my already shot nerves.  So I was eating some cracker and pretzels. Anthony sat at my feet and grunted until he got some of my snack.  He was just like our dog Daisy.  He was persistent and vocal and he really was begging.  Bill got a picture of him doing it, but a still won't do it justice. He was pretty funny.  He is addicted to food.  It was almost 2:00 before Anthony had his after lunch release. I wound up giving him a small bottle to get him to sleep.  Tonight is his first plane trip.  No overtired, cranky babies on the prop plane, please!  

I even had time to finish the book I was reading so I could give it to Olga. The story had a good ending. I'm glad I finished it. If I hadn't I would have had a hard time parting with it.

I guess that's it guys.  Katherine should be up soon. We'll have an early dinner and be ready to go at 6pm. We'll update the rest of the trip tomorrow. 

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