April 11 2004

I will start this off with Anthony's accident on Easter Sunday. Ann had to take him to the emergency room Sunday night. When we returned from our Easter festivities, Sarge knocked Anthony over. This is not unusual. This evening was not Anthony's lucky night. He fell face first into the cement corner of the garage. Split open his forehead and bled everywhere. He will now have stitches and a headache. Sarge will have to be trained. Off to the book store. It was not intentional, he was just happy to see everybody. He received 9 stitches on the outside and a hand full under the surface layer.

This week was a week with a house full of kids. My older son, Tyler, came out for the week. He and Ryan had spring break at the same time this year. It has not happened that way for a while. We were in Kazakhstan for Christmas this year, so Tyler did not get his usual Christmas break visit. We all missed him a great deal and he missed being here. Ryan was most upset about "His big brother not being here for Christmas" more then Ann and I being gone for the holiday's. Oh well, at least we know our place.

The visit was great. Ryan was in heaven having Tyler around. Katherine warmed up to him quite well and Anthony just loves everybody.

This week was better than the last. Katherine is growing into her own child, finally. She was not as clingy and was easier on giving the love. I am so proud of where she is today. It is hard to imagine, sometimes, where she came from. She is growing in her language skills. She is picking up words left and right. I am amazed at the rate with which she is acquiring English. She is putting together a couple of 2-3 word statements, they actually make sense. She loves to talk, never stops. I remember her just whispering when she got to the US. Now, you can't shut her up. She is like the energizer bunny, just keeps going and going and going.

Anthony is a trooper. He is adjusting well to daycare. He is really settling in quite nice. Ann reports that his fits of anxiety are diminishing rapidly. He comes home often with sand in his shoes and a smile on his face. I am relieved. I thought he would be a little tougher on the "getting through it" part of daycare.

Anthony has also graduated to no bottle, no binky and pretty much no rocking to sleep at night. Ann threw the bink's away. She had given him one at nap time and he played with it until the entire thing was in his mouth. He had the whole plastic end, not the sucking end, in his mouth. Ann made the command decision "Bye-Bye binky". Anthony does not miss them. I gave up the bottle some time ago. Ann slowly started to give it up. It took her a little longer. One night I came home and she proudly pointed to an empty cup of milk sitting on the counter. She was torn by this. She said "Aw, my little boy is growing up". I laughed. Anthony has been deciding on whether or not he gets rocked at night. Sometimes he will let you hold him and rock him to sleep. Other nights he will grunt and groan and twist and turn to get out of your arms. He just wants you to lay him in his bed. He will fall asleep on his own.

Anthony may have allergies. We are not sure yet. He has a runny nose and coughs. Ann took him to the doctor and there was nothing wrong with him and the doctor said that perhaps he has allergies. Not too much we can do at this point. I think I have also developed some allergies. I have never had any in the past but this spring is killing me. I have a dry cough, itchy eyes and at times, a little congestion.

Katherine missed gymnastics this past Saturday because of the Easter holiday. She really misses going. She has quite the personality. We knew she had a great little personality when we met her but who knew how big it really was. She is very outgoing. She will say hello to everybody everywhere we go. She talks to the cars we pass on the roads. It is really neat to see her in action. With her strong personality she possesses a strong will. If she does not want to do something, she will fight you to the bitter end. Does not matter what it is. She has come such a long way. The biggest thing we struggle with is "Katherine's lack of boundaries with others". She will cling to anybody at anytime in any situation. We have been working with her on this. The people that she will cling to think it is adorable. It is adorable to watch her give hugs and such, the problem comes when she will not let go. With family it is a little different. With friends, she will hang on their leg pining for attention. This used to happen daily in our house until we established healthy boundaries with her. Sometimes she will cling but nothing like she used to. I know this has to do with abandonment issues and institutional living. It is something that needed to be addressed early in our relationship. I firmly believe that the first couple of months is where you create your relationship and the rest of ours lives is spent fine tuning it. I do not want to get off to a bad start. She is doing very well and will come and sit for lovin' and then move on to play. This is so wonderful.

Anthony, in this area, is your typical 18 month old. He does all the things I expect him to do. They are certainly trying at times but are still expected.

Tyler is getting so big. He is 13 now and seems to be going on 30. Go figure. Our visit was great. He and Ryan just hung out for the whole week. They played on the trampoline and around the neighborhood. Ryan really looks up to Tyler. This is both good and bad. Tyler is 13 and Ryan is 9. A 4 year difference is big at that age. Ryan is very sheltered when it comes to music, TV, movies and girls. Tyler is not. Tyler will listen to music that Ryan does not and has not been exposed to. We had to keep that in check.

Tyler and Ryan colored their hair with come non-permanent hair stuff. You will see pictures of this. I had to try it out. Ryan said that he would not go in public with me. Tyler said I looked like an "Anti Drug commercial". It was pretty funny. When Katherine and Anthony came home from daycare, they also colored their hair. It is pretty funny. Fun was had by all.

Easter morning was pretty neat. Katherine walked down the hall and saw the Easter baskets on the coffee table and proudly pronounced "Bunny". She knew exactly who left the baskets. We did see the Easter bunny at the mall last week. Katherine and Anthony wanted nothing to do with him. They did accept the jelly beans. Katherine spent the rest of the day talking about the Easter bunny.

Easter was spent at Ann's sister's house. It was great. Everybody had a good time. There was an egg hunt. Katherine ate more candy then she has ever eaten.  Aunt Lu has 3 dogs. Anthony loves animals. He has no fear, AT ALL. He laid on them and played with them and just had a grand time. Everybody was there. Great Grand mother to cousins.

Lu lives in a split level. A few steps up and a few steps down. They are very well padded. Anthony has had no experience with stairs. He was not walking at the orphanage. That was pretty much the only place he has seen stairs. There were about 6 steps down. Anthony tried to navigate them several time. We would just stand and watch. He fell from the 2nd step all the way down, several times. No tears, no nothing. He was just happy to be at the bottom so he could explore the stuff downstairs. Gran' witnessed this falling and I don't think I have ever seen her move so fast since I've known her. She scooped Anthony up and Anthony just looked around like "What's the big deal, I made it to the bottom". He was not injured nor in any danger. The steps and landing are very well padded, Thanks Uncle Scott.

Enough from me. Sorry for the delay in posting, I was on the road the past 2 days. Enjoy the pictures.

© Bill Delmedico 2013