April 6 2004

Sorry for the delay. Tyler, my older son, is visiting and it has really been a little more hectic then usual around here.

Katherine is changing in leaps and bounds. You have to really sit back sometimes to notice. She is getting better with being able to play without being on somebody's lap. She is still hesitant with boundaries. I have noticed that she will mimic Anthony's actions or behaviors to see what the limits are. This is a good thing. Sometimes I look at her and expect her to know what the limits are. She has no way of knowing. She is older, however she lacks experience in a family environment to know what is and is not acceptable. She is really starting to exercise her curiosity in a calculated and measurable way. She seems to know that what she is doing may not be ok but will measure and calculate our response. I do not ever remember a child act in such a way. Not that I have been around many strong willed, adopted, 3 year old children. It is a relief for me that she is starting to feel her way around.

Anthony is really coming out of his shell. He is touching everything. Wants to know the limits and pushes right up to the edge to see what is ok. It is really neat to watch him. Katherine is taking his cue, I love that they are starting to really just be kids in our family.

Anthony will sleep through the night when he is not sick. If he is not feeling well, he is up and down throughout the evening. I, of course, do not hear him at night. I am a very heavy sleeper, once I fall asleep.

The time change has thrown a monkey wrench in our routine. We are still a little out of sync with meals, naps, baths and bedtimes. The first night, the kids were up until about 9:45, not tired at all. I thought the 11 hour time difference between Kazakhstan and NJ would have messed them up. We did not have any issue with that time change. Oh, but throw in an hour time change and the whole world turns upside down.

Ryan is doing well in baseball. We have not had too many practices, due to weather. It has either been too cold or raining everytime we tried to set up a practice. He is not happy about this, he wants to get out and practice. Today looks like a good day for practice and we have one scheduled. Not a cloud in the sky.

Katherine wants to be just like Anthony. No matter what he is doing she wants to do it too. Katherine does not like milk. At bedtime we will sit on the kitchen floor and have a drink. Katherine gets water, Anthony has warm milk and I have a cup of water. Every night, Katherine will ask for juice or milk. The real deal is, she really doesn't want anything to drink, she is doing it because Anthony is doing it. At any rate, she will only take a small sip of whatever you give her. We have made the mistake of giving her milk and arguing with her about her not drinking it. We don't give her milk anymore. I guess, parents do know best, sometimes.

She is still somewhat of a picky eater. Where Anthony will eat anything, Katherine is a bit more selective in what she will eat. Lets face it, Anthony eats crayons and dirt. He just likes to eat. Katherine definitely likes pasta and pizza. I made ziti the other night and she had 3 plates of it. She also likes dipping her food in sauce. She will dip her pizza in blue cheese dressing, fries in ketchup and pretty much dipping that can be done, she will do it.

I think that is it for this week. Sorry for the short update.

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