August 24 2004

It has been a while. I am very aware of this. I would like to say sorry, but I will not. It has been a little rough around the Delmedico house. We have had some really difficult times and not a bunch of good times. We are finally coming out the other side, I hope, knock on wood.

The kids are doing well and still breathing. This is a good place to start. Ryan is having some issues as well as Katherine. Anthony is pretty much a typical 22 month old. Murphy is growing and Daisy still has some left over Sarge issues, not that she has told us.

Katherine is going through some adjustment issues. We got to the end of our rope with her. We sought out a therapist that could help us. The doctor said that Katherine is suffering from Post traumatic stress and a touch of attachment disorder. This explains a lot of why we were having such a problem. We are currently getting some parenting skills to help us help her. I can tell you, it has been a nightmare. I can also say that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train. Katherine has improved greatly since she first came here. We have gotten a thousand times better ourselves. She is definitely settling in and adjusting but there were still severe issues that we did not know how to handle and decided to leave it to the professionals for some help. The issues were/are hording, controlling, no personality, toilet issues (you already knew this), food issues, identity problems and lack of connecting at home. I am happy to say that we have worked through a lot of this but I am still cautious on many fronts. We will get there.....

Katherine seems to be enjoying her new life. Anthony is doing very well. Ryan is coming along.

Ryan is in to football and enjoying it alot. I am not up for more words at this point. I am just going to let you look at all the pictures we have taken over the past couple of months. Maybe more text at another date.

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