December 31 2004

Well, it has been quite some time since the last update. I do not know if anybody is still looking in on us. It has been an eventful Fall to say the least.

We will start with Katherine. She has exhausted all of our traditional parenting skills to no avail. Love, hate, happy, sad, anger, envy, jealousy, etc... have been our emotions with her over the past year. We have gone to therapy to no avail. She has issues we never, never, never thought possible. Of course nobody has been able to identify the issues or offer any possible solutions. We have been walking around in a blur not knowing what to do. We are headed to Va to see Dr. Federici. He is supposed to be a well know Neuropsychologist who, hopefully, will put us on the right path with Katherine. The year has been long.

They all still alive and breathing, at last check anyway. I am not sure, other then God's grace, we have survived this year. I had no idea that this was what we were in for. With that said, we are hoping and praying for a better next year. Katherine is very lost in this world of family and we need some tools to help her. We will update you are her mental state after she is checked out.

Anthony is growing. That boy is putting on the pounds and becoming quite the 2 year old. HE is all boy. No doubt about it. He is tough, funny, stubborn, cute, cuddly and all around, for the most part, normal. We have watched him go through all the stages of attachment and growth. If you remember, he did not really crawl let alone walk when we adopted him. He is now none stop. He runs around and plays like I have never seen. He is very full of life and appears to have a very healthy sense of 'self'. This is great to see. That boy is on the road to recovery.

I am constantly amazed how much I did not know about orphaned children and how much affect being orphaned has on a child. I have witnessed first hand how, mentally deprived of love and lack of emotional support will ruin a small brain. We are in the process of revamping Katherine's head. This is painful. I was not prepared for what is going on in my house. We are off to DC on Sunday for the full work up, diagnosis and action plan to help her and our family.

Ryan is growing. He finished up his football season in November. They made it to the play-offs but did not win the title. There is always next year. Baseball is right around the corner. What to do! I think I am going to coach again. Not sure how this will work but we will figure it out. School is going well. He has been selected for the Gifted and Talented class for Spanish. Not sure how that happened. He used to hate Spanish, this year he has a male teacher, I think that helped. He is still playing the cello. His grades are very good. He is the average student, B's. I am ok with that.

Ryan also has braces now. He got them about 3 weeks ago. He does not seem too bothered by this, very good thing. It really did not phase him. He has not suffered any mouth soreness and has done everything the doctor has told him to do. I hope he can keep this up for the next 2 years.

I really do not have much else to report. Ann and I have decided that Day care and summer care programs are not working for our family and we need to do something different. Ann will be returning to work full time in Jan/Feb and I will be take on the responsibility of caring for the 3 kids. Not sure how that looks yet. We will hopefully have a better idea after seeing the doctor.

I would like to give praises to Dr. Ronald Federici. His book Help for the Hopeless child" has been a wealth of information in identifying some of the issues in our house. We are going to him on Monday and our hope is we will finally have a solution that works. Everything else has not worked for us yet. We have implemented part of his action plan and the results are good so far. I can't wait to get the full story on our situation. His suggestions about pre-adoption were right on the money, none of which we did. I would recommend this book to anybody considering adopting. Keep in mind, we pretty much have no issues with Anthony. Se seems to be pretty on track. Katherine is an entirely different story.

In summary, our year has been challenging to say the least and we are hoping for some good change in 2005. This has not been all I thought it was going to be, parenting stretched to the limit and some, relationships on ice from time to time, dogs passing.... you get the point.

Have a happy New year! Until 2005.

© Bill Delmedico 2013