February 2 2005

Oh boy!

That pretty much sums up our reality. We have been living in a shell for the past year. Ignoring issues and hoping for the best for Kat and Anthony. That has not been the case for us. I will start with Kat.

After a year of very little pleasure, we now know that we are not out of our minds as parents. Kat has issues. We have tried to address these with love, discipline, ignoring the 'pink elephant', bargaining, force, coercion and pretty much any other form of parenting you can think of. All of this brought only further disappointment and frustration. We have had a year of verbal problems, food problems, play problems, sibling issues, parent issues, bath issues, toilet issues, etc.... We thought we were out of our minds, everybody said 'just love em, it'll get better'. Well, it did not. It actually only got worse, way worse.

Kat has been diagnosed with severe PTSD, Autism with a couple of other nomenclatures. We have been given a plan to work with her, everything included. It has not been easy, but has been much less stressful in our house.

We are entering the 4th week of the family plan with Kat. Oh my, it is painful. There seems to be progress, not as much as I would like to see. She is really trying hard to get and keep it together. The family plan is pretty outlined in "Help for the Hopeless Child" by Dr Ronald Federici. If you haven't read it, do so. One of the most straight forward books I've read.

Anthony is doing well. He is still a piece of work. He is going for some testing. He is growing very fast, eats everything. We are scheduled to have some testing done on the 17th of Feb with the same doctor that saw and evaluated Kat. We shall see what his story is. I will update that for you after we go.

Ryan is doing well. He is pretty much set with Kat and Anthony. School is going good for him also. We are just about to start up Baseball. Try outs are this week. I will be managing his team this year. I do not even know how to keep a score book. This should be interesting.

My Last day of work was Monday the 31st of Jan. I am on FMLA until April the 30th. If there is a position for me as a full time remote, no on-site visits, I may go back to work. If not I will resign. Our family has got to come first, I will return to the workforce sometime in the future, after everybody is settled in to the local school system. At the point I think it will be something part time'ish. Who knows. I do not have a crystal ball to see what the future holds.

Ann has gone back to work full time. This is my first week home with the kids with no Ann. It is really strange. I do not have any email to check, no customer visits to set up, no phone calls to return, no pager going off, no parts to order. It is weird. I am now just raising kids and taking care of the house as best I can. So far no meat dishes with cream of mushroom soup, Ann is happy about that.

I will update again soon. I can't say enough about Dr Federici, he has saved our home, our children, our sanity, our family, our dogs, our way of life. If you get a chance check out his website and read about the post institutional child. It was our life for the past year.

Some pictures for you.

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