February 22 2004

Nothing special about this week. I am still trying to get Ann to write. Maybe an email or 2 to her will motivate her or guilt her into writing something. Ann has been spending most all day with the kids. I have been out of the house working. Just about all of my stories are second hand.

Anthony eats like a horse. He is putting on weight left and right. I think he puts on a pound after every meal. He does not turn down anything. Katherine is the opposite. She will pick through her food, eating only the good stuff.

They are fitting in more and more each day. There are times when I forget they are not biological children.

This is a copy and paste from one of Ann's email.

Bill's brother and his family came to visit. They live in North Carolina, so they were here for a couple days. They have two daughters. A 7 year old and a 2 year old. They stayed in a hotel since we don't have enough room for everyone. The hotel has an indoor swimming pool, so we tried to go swimming. The pool water is supposed to be heated, but it was so cold, I would not go in. Ryan and Ann Marie (the 7 year old) went in the pool a lot. Typical kids. They'd stay in until they turned into ice cubes. There was a hot tub that was more like bath water. Most of us crowded in there. Anthony just LOVES the water. He enjoyed it a lot. Katherine likes the water. She doesn't like to get her face wet. She doesn't want to go under the water. Also a typical almost 3 year old. She still had lots of fun. She wanted me to go in the pool, but there was no way. Even Mom's have to draw the line at cold pool water.

We went to the shopping mall yesterday. The kids and I have been there pretty frequently lately. Some of my co-workers had given me gift certificates for any store at the mall, so we've been slowly using them up. Yesterday Bill came with us. Katherine got two new pairs of shoes and a new coat. Anthony got one pair of shoes and a coat. Anthony doesn't pay attention to what he has on, but you know Katherine does. Boy did she ever love her new shoes and coat. We let her wear one pair of shoes right out of the store. When we got home, she put her new coat on in the house and of course had to try on her other shoes. The worst part was telling her it was time for a bath and she had to take them off. She cried. We just assured her they were her shoes and coat and they would be in the closet for tomorrow. You know that first thing this morning she put her new shoes on!!! There she was in her night gown and white mary janes. Very cute.

Both Katherine and Anthony cannot stand to be under a blanket. I can't remember Ryan being that way when he was little, and he's certainly not that way now. Katherine is constantly escaping her blankets at night and when she lays down to go to sleep she specifically requests that the blankets not be put on her. I would attribute it to a personal trait, but Anthony kicks off his blankets and wakes up if he's got a blanket on. So, maybe at the orphanage they don't cover them much? Or is that in general? I know it's hot in the apartments.

A bunch of Ryan's friends were playing outside the other day. Usually when I take Katherine and Anthony outside, I put them in the stroller and take a walk. Since the other kids were out, I decided to bring them out too. They had a great time. Katherine rode her little radio flyer bicycle. (It has 4 wheels and you push it with your feet). Anthony chased balls the whole time. I brought out chalk and all the kids colored on the driveway. It was chilly outside and after being out for a while it was downright cold. The kids didn't care and did not want to come inside. I can't wait for spring when we can really go out and enjoy some warm weather. We don't have a swing set yet, but that will surely be one of our purchases this spring.

This is the end of Ann's email....

Anthony and Katherine are getting better about Ann leaving the house on her own. I am loving this. It makes my time with them easier and more loving. I am a happy camper.... Katherine and I still battle over some of the little things. She is head strong in her ways.

The toilet stuff is going very well. No accidents, knock on wood, in over 2 weeks.... 

That is it from me, I will push on Ann to get her to write some stuff for next week...

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