February 29 2004

We have had a few setbacks with Katherine this week. She has reverted to some form of behavior that is difficult to deal with on a daily basis. I know that she is still and will continue to go through issues. That is ok. The hard part is continuing to try and love her while she is doing what she is doing.

Ann took the kids to her Grand-mother and Mom's house this week. Anthony took a crash on the driveway within moments of arrival. You will see some pictures of his road rash.

I have got to say that keeping the site updated is becoming difficult for me. It is just the same ole' same ole', day in day out stuff. The kids are doing well.

I am still adjusting to all the change here. Ryan seems to have adjusted well to having Katherine and Anthony around.

The weather has been nicer lately and we have been getting outside for walks and just hanging out outside. They love being outside. Katherine likes going places, it all seems to be a new adventure for her. She will ask to go for a ride in the car if we do not take her out during the day. She also keeps asking for a bicycle every time she sees one. Her birthday is at the right time, May 2. Just in time for the late spring early summer, great for a bicycle gift. I have been looking at them when we are out, trying to find the one that will fit her. She loves the ones with the streamers hanging off the handle bars. The pink ones also get her attention.

This may create a problem for Ryan. When Ryan goes outside, he usually goes on his bike. When Katherine gets a bike, she may want to follow her brother around, which may or may not be a problem. We will take that one as it happens.

Sharing continues to be a problem between Katherine and Anthony. Katherine will not freely share with Anthony. This is more a 2 year old thing then anything else. It is still a tough thing to deal with sometimes. Katherine is also still trying to run the show. She has not gotten used to Ann and I being the grown ups. She still seems to feel that she has to dictate what goes on. I think this is called a power struggle. We have been trying to limit her choices and still let her make her own decisions, where appropriate. This is not always an easy task as Katherine wants to make all the decisions. We will get there. My hope is sooner.

Gymnastics is still a big hit. Anthony is starting to mimic Katherine's somersaults. This is priceless. He will put his head down and just kind of roll to one side and then smile and clap for himself. They place we go will take kids at 18 months. I think that when he is old enough we will enroll him and see if he likes it.

Anthony is still eating like a horse. The other night we went out for dinner. I ordered an iced tea. There was a lemon on the glass. Anthony kept grapping for it. I gave it to him. He loved it. Sucked the juice out and started to eat the lemon. I think he only puckered his face up, once. I am amazed at what he will eat. I have not really seen him turn down anything. That is a good thing.

Katherine is a bit more picky at the table. It seems to be mood dependant. If she is in a happy, giving mood, she will try anything. If she is in a introverted mood, food is an issue. We have been working on the introvert mood thing. This is tough. My thoughts are that she is still not settled and may take a bit of time to settle in and feel "at home" with us. We continually try to validate her but run into obstacles at times. I think that she is well aware of her actions and still tries to manipulate situations to her liking. I know that some of the is personality, history and Katherine. Some of it is unacceptable and hard to address. We try to do this in as loving a fashion as possible in any given day. Some days are better then others. She is a willful child and we do not want to change that. We are attempting to help her establish healthy boundaries. With food, play, affection, self awareness and attachment.

Anthony is emotionally growing in leaps and bounds. He knows who is who and what is what. He continues to amaze me with his level of awareness. He is starting to detach from Katherine with his moods. Anthony would mimic the mood. If she were crying, he would cry also. I have noticed lately, he will not always mimic her mood. This is good. There is nothing like trying to soothe a child that is upset because his sister is upset. I think that this falls under the category of Anthony discovering his own ways of being part of the family and not owning everybody else's mood. I like it.

The kids are kids. They are great. I am grateful that they are here with us.

Enough from me and on to the pictures.

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