February 8 2004

It has been another week of new stuff. I, Bill, had a business trip down to NC this week. I think I was more worried about it than Ann. I was not sure how Katherine was going to handle it. I spoke with her on the phone two or three times while I was away. Ann said that when Katherine heard my voice, she would kiss the phone. The first time she did not say anything to me on the phone. The last time I spoke with Katherine, she said a mouth full. I am not sure what she said but she sure have a lot to say. To the best of my knowledge, she handled it just fine. She was really happy to see me when I got home. Anthony was just full of grins and grunted at me a few times. I think that means he was happy to see me.

Ann took them to their first real Doctor visit on Monday. Their health is just fine. No major issues. They did receive a couple of vaccinations each, though. Ann said that Anthony took the injections like a trooper. They put band-aides on his puncture wounds. Ann said he took them off and when she told him to leave the bandages on, he started to cry. I thought that was the funniest thing ever. Anthony also has to go to the urologist, he has something called Hypospadius. This is some type of issue with the hole not being in the correct spot. It is corrected with outpatient surgery and needs to be corrected while is still young. Off to the urologist.

That said, everything else is fine with Anthony. He is in the 10th percentile for weight and 30th for height. Katherine is in the 50th percentile for both.

Katherine has broken out into a bumpy rash on her forehead, back, arms and stomach. We are thinking it is related to the laundry. We are going to cut the dryer sheets and do a double rinse of her clothes. Anthony is just fine with all the environmental stuff. No issues with clothes, baths, dogs or food. Speaking of food, that boy can eat. He does not miss a meal. He definitely lets you know when it is feeding time. He is eating real food and has real milk in his bottle now. No more formula. He also has not thrown up since we've been home. We have totally changed his diet yet one more time and have taken care to make sure he is getting a well balanced diet. It is good that he does not have any food issues.

If you recall, while we were overseas, we had concerns about milk product allergies. After being home 2 weeks, it dawned on me what the problem was, with all the throwing up. We would sit and watch him drink from a cup, more like suck in a ton of air. The thought never crossed my mind to pick him up and burp him. My mind said, "He is drinking from a cup, no need to burp him". I now realize, he had a ton of gas in his belly and just spit up the food every time he tried to burp on his own. There was way too much gas in that little belly. We have gotten wiser.

Katherine participates in gymnastics. We go on Saturday mornings. We have only gone to 2 classes. She loves it. She gets all pumped up before we go and continues to tumble around the house after we get home. I have not gotten any pictures yet, I have to participate with her. It is a parent and me class. I will try to get some next week. The first week she really did not want to do what Mrs. Mary said. I just did what I was told. Katherine did finally start participating. This week, it was only a few minutes of "Katherine in her own world". She joined right in and had a great time. I really had a good time with her.

Ryan had his football banquet this week. It was Thursday evening. He was awarded a Scholastic Certificate for making the honor roll. It is something our town does along with the regular trophies. He was pretty funny. He is a shy one when it comes to stuff like that. He thinks that everybody should just get good grades. It seemed that the older the boys got the less Honor Roll awards there were. The oldest team only had 2 kids that got good grades.

We had a friend of ours come over and baby-sit Katherine and Anthony. Ann was a little nervous about leaving the kids here. She seemed to be a nervous wreck the entire time. She would say "how do you think the kids are doing". I would just respond with "They are fine, stop worrying". We got home around 9ish. All was well. The kids were in bed, asleep. Nancy said that the kids went to bed right on time and there was no fuss going on. We were amazed.

Ann and I took Katherine and Anthony furniture shopping. It is neat to watch them go in to new stores for the first time. Katherine has to touch everything, I think it makes Ann a little nuts sometimes. We were looking for new living room stuff, couch and loveseat. We wound up at Jennifer Leather. They had a swivel chair. Katherine likes it when I spin in my office chair. I put her in the Jennifer leather chair and spun her in circles for a few seconds. She stood up and staggered a bit. Anthony wanted a shot at it. I put him in it and spun away. He was smiling from ear to ear. I put him on the floor and he promptly fell down. It took him a few minutes to get his bearings. He came right back to the chair for some more spinning. He was loving it. Katherine and Anthony would sit on the chair and spin. I am not sure if the sales guy liked it or not, he did not say a word though. Just so you know, we did agree on living room furniture and made a purchase. This is monumental for us, we have the hardest time shopping for stuff like that. It will be delivered in about 6 weeks.

Anthony does not sleep through the night. When we got home from Kaz, he had double ear infections. That does not help when you are trying to sleep. While they were at the doctor's office, Ann was informed of Anthony's new molar coming in. This too does not help with a full nights rest. Katherine will pretty much sleep through the night unless Anthony's crying wakes her up. I am trying to figure out how to get Katherine her own room, sooner rather than later. I work from home, so one of our rooms is a full time office. We have a 4 bedroom home on a slab. I am thinking of closing in the garage and making a play room with my office, enclosed, in one of the corners. The other idea I am toying with is just building a room in the garage for office space. Nothing special, I just need space. Ann would love the play room. I have not decided what to do yet. I am not ready to dump a ton of cash on an addition. Just looking to get Katherine her own room.

The only other thing I am dealing with, or not dealing with, is Katherine and Anthony's issue with Ann leaving the house. Whenever Ann puts on her coat or says Bye-Bye, both Katherine and Anthony start crying. Anthony will do this if Ann walks away from the table during meal times. I think Katherine does it because she wants to go everywhere mommy goes. After a few minutes, sometimes longer, all is well and we get on with the business of family. It does make me a little nuts. We will get there, I hope sooner rather later.

'Til next week! 

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