January 31 2004

I will start off with, I hate computers sometimes. I have had nothing but problems since we've been home. My laptop for work has died. I am waiting for a new one. I turned Ann's PC off and it took dismantling it to get it running again. My laptop for home had a hard drive crash. It has been a technology nightmare for me. I was so freaked, I did not want to lose any of the pictures we had taken with the digital camera. I also zipped and archived the website and that was on the crashed hard drive. I thought I was going to lose it. I did recover all the data and web and am now updating the site. I had a ton of issues with that as well. I finally contact my web hosting company and had them reset my site. We are now in the grove.

Ann is working on her version of us being home. It will be on the first February update. I had taken a bunch of pictures and wanted to get them out there for everybody waiting to see them. I have gotten calls from several people asking "What is wrong with the site?". The pictures are up.

I also am working on the "Main Photo's" page. I cannot seem to get the photogalleries to work correctly. I am starting to think that just keeping the weekly updates going may be the best solution for me. I will continue to try and get the pictures organized somehow on the main photo page.

The kids are great. Katherine is a handful and Anthony is just a funny 1 year old. Katherine and I started gymnastics today. It was great. we had a really good time. She seemed to enjoy being around other kids. Ann thought it would be a good idea to get Katherine involved with some local activities. When I was there a thought occurred to me. It must be pretty strange for her to see all the Adults there with the kids. There were parents everywhere. I wondered if seeing this, often and regular, would help reinforce the concept of Ann and I being her parents. She did ask me today, after gymnastics, if I was her Daddy. I gave the most reassuring yes covered with kisses I could muster up. She seemed delighted with this. Ann has told me about Katherine's asking this question daily. It was the first for me. It was pretty interesting.

Anyway, Look for more text and dialog next week. Ann is working on it...... Here are some new pictures. 

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