March 17 2005

Happy St Patrick's Day!

All is well here at the Delmedico ranch.

I am sure that all of you have been waiting with baited breath to get an update. Well, here it is.

Kat is hanging in there. We have been on the home program for almost 3 months now. She has made great improvements. I am getting a little tired of it but it is working for Kat and that is all that matters at this point. I hope that we are coming around the bend to level 2. This is where she gets to have some free play time with her brothers and just get to hang out. It has been a tough row to hoe. We have had good weeks and not so good weeks. I am very proud of her and the progress she has made. This has been all behavior modification, it works.

Anthony is our little genius. He tested IQ 111 on a 3 year old IQ test. I am happy. The doctor told us to redirect him when he starts to go into his own world.

Ryan is on the Pirates again this year and I am coaching.

It is really hard to update the site at this point. I really do not have a whole bunch to share.

I have been working with Kat on fine and gross motor skills. She is developing and using muscles that will help her as she grows. You can tell when she had a rough workout, her hands don't seem to work well at all. The other area we work is the mouth and jaw. We do this mainly with food. We keep the bites small and quantity at a pretty even level. She is counting to 5 and sometimes can make it to 6. A, B, C's are not really there yet. She can recognize many letters, not the entire alphabet. It is hard for her. Anthony has kind of become her mentor in the education area. This is good, he was starting to pick up some of her bad habits. Now he will help her out with some letters and numbers. They still do not have free play together. Kat will do some type of motor skill activity and Anthony will do pretty much whatever he wants. He is allowed to ask for toys while Kat is still given an activity to do. She seems to be ok with it.

Ryan is doing well in school and baseball. I am not sure what position he will play this year. I think he is going to pitch and perhaps play some infield. He is growing so fast, it is hard to believe he is 10 going on 40.

We have cut our cable out and pretty much only get broadcast TV. This has really been a great thing. Ryan does not sit in front of the TV when he gets home from school. He actually plays with Anthony or legos or some other activity. He has never really had an interest in anything. He now seems to enjoy playing. This is a great move in the right direction.

I am bored at home. That is ok. Summer is coming and perhaps we will get some outside time, if Kat can handle it. Not sure how much she will able to handle.

Anthony now has a friend that he visits every week. I think that once it is warmer outside they will get to spend more time together. It is great watching him play with another boy his age. They seem to get along just like any other 2 year olds battling for the Alpha spot.

Anthony has moved into a Big boy bed and big boy pull ups and also has a little stash of Big Boy underwear. He is so proud of himself. He talks about going potty on the toilet all the time. He also loves the big boy bed.

Ann is now in the swing of working full time. We seem to have a pretty good schedule going. I have been able to get out for a couple hours a week. It has been hard. Kat needs everything structured and scheduled. If I am out too long, she will regress in her behavior a bit. No where near what it used to be.

We will be starting speech therapy soon. I am not sure how we are going to do this. There will have to be ground rules set; no hugs, no candy, no stickers. It sounds boring but Kat is not ready for all of that. She gets a bit overwhelmed and has can't seem to get herself back together. But, she really needs help with her speech. She has a lot of words in her head but can't seem to be able to say them is a way we can understand her. Communication has been a really tough area since we've been together. Fortunately all of her needs are being met with having to ask for anything. We will have to move on to allowing her to have needs. We are not there today but soon.

Anthony is just the cutest thing going. He is full of energy and growing like a weed. He has a pretty good language and uses it very well. He asks for everything, I should say demands. He likes to be part of as well as playing by himself. He loves his dogs. Daisy is not really fond of all the affection but tolerates him because he is gentle with her most of the time. Murphy on the other hand is Anthony's favorite. They share food, milk, toys, bones, blankets etc... Murphy puts up with a ton more then Daisy ever would. He lets Anthony rough house, lay on him and pretty much stick his hand all in his mouth without getting too upset. Food is the exception, Murphy will nip at and growl at Anthony if he comes near while Murphy is eating.

That is about it for now. Here are the latest pictures.

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