March 20 2004

It has been 2 weeks since my last update. I would like to say sorry however, I am not going to. It has been another adjustment here on the home front. Ann has started back to work, part time.

That said, Anthony does not like day care. He only goes on Friday's, I have him on Wednesday and Thursday, until April. The first Friday he went, he cried, did not eat and was pretty unhappy. The second Friday, he did not nap.

Katherine is Katherine and Anthony is Anthony.

We have started baseball. Katherine tells us that she is going to play baseball. It is really cute. Can't wait for the weather to get better so they can come and watch practice on afternoon, before the season starts. Anthony still will not roll the ball, we need to work on that if he is going to be a ball player. Ryan is doing well. He is going to pitch and would like to catch, not both at the same time. Stay tuned!

Katherine is doing well. She is repeating her ABC's when we lead her. It is really cute. She does not have the pronunciation down on some of the letters but tries like the dickens. She is picking up more words and starting to form some 2 word statements. It is pretty amazing. She will use all her words in the correct context. I thought it would take longer but, she is picking it all up. She also loves to mimic everything. I have had to correct Ryan several times for doing stuff in front of Katherine. She will mimic the way Ryan sits.

She is loving gymnastics. Ann bought her a new leotard. Katherine would not take it off when she tried it on here at home. She wore that thing all day. She is so cute. Her temperament has been getting better. She does not like time out. It is effective though. She will sometimes rant and scream and kick and carry on, no tears, for the entire time. When you tell her time's up, she turns the tantrum switch off.

She eats when she is hungry. Sometimes she will not eat dinner. She will just say done and she is. I think she is coming down with another bug. Still not much on the ice cream, good for us. She can be a picky eater when she wants to be. Some nights, lima beans are good and other nights, they are the most disgusting things she has ever seen. Can't figure that one out.

Day care! Some days are good some not. The first 2 days were ok. She is going half day Wednesday, full day Thursday and Friday. Anthony does not, he stays home with me on Wednesday and Thursday. She caught on to this quick and is not happy with that set up. This week, when asked "Ready for school?" she gave a solid "NO". She has fun while she is there but I guess there is no place like home. She will get used to it and already is. Ann says that all the care providers love Katherine. They say that she is very independent, this is one of her finer qualities.

Anthony is starting to use his potty chair. He has used it successfully, a couple of times. He will not tell you he needs to go, but if you prompt him at the right time, he will go. I will catch him after nap and sometimes in the morning. I will say "Anthony, do you need to go potty" and he will walk to the bathroom door and go and sit on the potty. He will wave his hand in front of his face and say "done" when his mission is over. It is the best. I do this as often as possible. He is really interested in the toilet because everybody uses it. I think he may be a toilet user sooner then later. This is fine by me.

Anthony is starting to define his boundaries with Katerine. That is a good thing. He will not tolerate her taking toys from him and will stand and scream in her ear until she gives up. It is amazing to have watched him go from a docile boy to an assertive toddler. He is not aggressive, except in the tub. In the tub, he likes to hog the water coming out of the spout. He and Katherine will push and shove to get under the water while the tub is filling. It's kind of funny to watch. There have been a couple of times I have had to pick him up and move him to the other end of the tub.

Anthony is starting to find his independence. He will wipe his own face and feed himself. The face wiping thing has been an issue ever since we have known him. You go at him with a towel to wipe him up after dinner and he will pretty much thrash around in his chair. Now, I will go at him with a smile and dap a few spots then hand him the towel and tell him to wipe up his face. He will hold the towel in front of his face and shake his head from left to right in an effort to clean himself up, grinning the whole time. I will take his hand and help him get the spots he missed. I then tell him to throw his paper towel in the garbage, he will waddle over to the garbage can and throw it away. We have a few incidents of his retrieving the towel after he has thrown it away. No big deal, I just tell him "Yuck" and we put it back in the can.

Anthony is not liking daycare. I am sure after some time he will adjust, I hope. He has only been twice and has come home a wreck. He is tired. It was a struggle to keep him up until bedtime. He will start the full part-time daycare the first week in April. I think this will help him adjust, more time spent there the more he may relax. We will see. The good news is that the daycare is in the same building Ann works at, that may also be the bad news. Ann has stayed away during the day, allowing the care providers to do their thing. I am sure that is tough for Mommy.

I am sure there are a ton of other little things to report but I want to get this up for all the waiters out there. I have to say that our home is really starting to be a home again. We are a family of 5 and it is starting to seem natural. I am starting to think of the website as some type of reality TV show. I will continue to keep it updated. I did slip a little the past 2 weeks, I will continue to try to keep you updated on a weekly basis.

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