March 28 2004

Baseball is coming along great. I attended a coaching clinic about 2 weeks ago. It was sponsored by our town's little league organization. It was the best thing I have done. I learned a lot about coaching the kids and more importantly the basics of baseball. Like batting stance, throwing stance, pitching etc... They taught us all about drills and showing the kids how to execute each fundamental skill. I think the kids on the team are enjoying it.

Anthony and I have been spending more and more time together. It has been wonderful. I have him sitting on the potty, fully clothed and sometimes not. He will perform if you put him on the toilet just after nap although I do not think is totally aware of what he is doing. I figure if you get him involved early and accustomed to being in the bathroom and on the toilet, he will take control in his time. I think this may be better than forcing toilet training. He certainly likes sitting on his potty chair.

Anthony is loving being outside, in the sun. He will grab his shoes and bring to you, suggesting "it is time to go outside". He is also very curious about everything on the ground. He will pick up everything and look at you the tell him what it is. He is most fascinated with Pine Cones. He will pick them up and examine them intently. The other day he picked one up that had grass and dirt clinging to it, he threw it down in a fright. He did not know what the mud was that was clinging to the pine cone. It was pretty funny. He started kicking it around and laughing at it.

Ann was going to bring them over to baseball practice yesterday after nap. She put their shoes and jackets on and went outside. When she went to put Anthony in the car, he had a fit. She said he just wanted to be outside and was having nothing doing with a car ride. When they got to the field, he had a ball. There is a little park/playground at the baseball field. After practice we walked over to the park and played for a while. Anthony tumbled down the corkscrew slide a few times. I think he is too little and lacks sliding experience to stay upright during the slide. He enjoyed it all the same.

Back to the toilet stuff. Anthony will get his own diapers and lay down for a diaper change. He would go in to the drawer that has the diapers in it and pull them out. I taught him to only pull one out at a time. Now, if he has a dirty diaper, I will ask him if he needs a new diaper. He will walk over to the drawer, pull out a diaper and come sit in front of me ready for a diaper change. This is wonderful, no chasing him around, coercing him to lay still and just making a mess of it. I hope this pattern of diaper's continues, it makes it so easy to change him. We were a restaurant last night and he had a dirty diaper. I asked him and he acknowledged. I handed him his diaper and we walked to the bathroom to change him. When we were done I gave him the travel wipes and he carried them back to the table. This is such a nice luxury to not have to fight with him and a dirty diaper.

Everybody in the house expect Ryan is a little sick. Katherine is sleeping a lot, Anthony is crying a lot I have a dry cough and Ann is full of snot. Katherine and Anthony are off to the doctor for some medicine. Ann and I are taking some over the counter stuff.  I am sure the kids will be better before we are.

I went to ball practice and Ann took Katherine and Anthony to the doctor. Katherine has a cold and Anthony is congested. I did not need and MD at the end or a DR at the beginning of my name to tell you that. The problem is, the over the counter stuff was not helping. You have to go to the doctor to get the right stuff. They are both sleeping now and I am trying to finish this before I go to bed, I am on the road this week.

Ann has taken Anthony off his bottle. I have not been giving him a bottle for quite a while now. He seems to be very content with a cup of milk before bed. I think Ann was sad! She had to change her bedtime routine with Katherine and Anthony. We are starting to be more consistent about this with regard to drink and potty and bed. I will lay Anthony down and pat his back until he falls asleep then go over and talk to Katherine for a few minutes, whispering sweet nothings in her ear and rubbing her hair. I think that Ann is pretty much doing the same thing. We try not to put them to bed together, meaning Ann and I are not in the room together at Lights out. This has been problematic for us and it usually turns to crying or something of the like.

Tonight, I was washing dishes folding clothes and just tidying up the kitchen while Katherine and Anthony played in the living room. It got really quiet. I peaked around the corner and Katherine was on the couch and Anthony was playing quietly on the floor. I went on about my business. Ryan was in the shower. He was done and I heard him come down to the living room and start watching cartoons. It was strangely quiet. I finished up in the kitchen and walked into the living room. Katherine was asleep on the couch, Anthony was laying on the floor almost asleep. I put Katherine in her bed and loved her up for a minute while she fell back asleep. I went down and picked Anthony up and carried him to his room. I laid him in his crib and a few pats on the back and that was the end. We have come a long way. I can remember a few short weeks ago, Katherine screaming and carrying on and fighting sleep at every turn. Anthony having to have a bottle and binky and rocked and walked and coerced into sleep. Now he gets no bink, bottle or mad dashes around the house. Just gentle love. Katherine will lay in her bed and fall asleep with no fuss.  Thank God! It is his work that has made that possible. There were some tough hurdles to get over but we are here and they are happy.

Did I mention, Ryan had a 4th grade dance this past Friday. It was a theme dance and they gave you a couple choices. He went as an 80's punk rocker. Wait til you see the pictures. Ann went as a juice hander outer. She said it was fun. Ryan danced to 2 songs. I am amazed. I guess all the prodding at weddings is paying off. He actually got out on the floor and danced, not with a girl. It was more or less line dancing. I am so proud of him. That is a major accomplishment and says a lot about his self confidence. The pictures are priceless.

My older son, Tyler, will be coning out for a visit next week. It will be the first time he has met Katherine and Anthony. I will update you on that when it happens.

I have said about all I can for this week. I need to get ready for my road trip. Enjoy the pictures.

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