May 2 2004

Sunday the 2nd was Katherine's 3rd birthday. Boy has it been a week leading up to today.

On a not so happy note, Ann's Grandmother passed away Sunday morning at 4 a.m..  She had a stroke last Tuesday and was paralyzed on the left side and had impaired speech and greatly diminished hearing. She was 86 years old and has been in failing health for a couple of years now. Ann's Aunt Tutu was living with Mom-Mom for about 10 years or so. Ann's mother recently moved in with Mom-Mom to take over on the home care. I was not really close with Mom-Mom and did not know her that well. What I did know about her was that she seemed to be a no nonsense kind of woman. I like that in a person. Her husband had passed away some years ago and now that are together again. I hope that Sarge has hooked up with them on the other side. The funeral is Thursday the 6th. God rest her soul, may Mom-Mom find peace on the other side in the Kingdom of Heaven. I know that she was welcomed on the other side with open arms and had a few loved ones waiting for her.

Anthony is really starting to use words. He has few down good. He will say yes, no, done, Daisy and the best is "Ball". He actually tries to say Baseball for every ball he sees. We were at Wal-Mart and he sees the big, huge bouncing balls and starts his mantra of "Baseball, Baseball, Baseball". It is really cute.

He continues to injure his head, often and regular. He has fallen in the driveway a few times and only has he drawn blood. He now has a scar with a little road rash above it. The other night at Ryan's game, Anthony was just kind of banging his head on the fence. He definitely has a hard head. My hope is, someday he will realize that banging your head on stuff really hurts and may not be conducive to good living. Who knows, maybe he will grow up to be a professional wrestler! I hope not!

A friend of ours, Rose, made some potato salad and brought it over for me on Saturday while Ann was in PA., visiting her Grandmother in the hospital. I was feeding Anthony his dinner of pasta, he was feeding himself. He has become so independent in that area and will, for the most part, refuse to allow you to feed him. Anyway, I thought I give a taste of the potato salad to see his reaction. To my surprise, he ate it and loved it. I wound up feeding him quite a bit. I do not like to share Rose's potato salad with anybody. I think Rose will be very happy with this.

Anthony has no fear of animals. We went to the humane society the other day just killing time and he was all over the dogs and cats. A couple of the cats took a few swats at him, he jerked his hand back. He immediately went back for more. This is a good thing and a bad thing. I am sure, I hope, eventually he will learn a gentler approach and not be such a bull in the china shop. We were just looking. There was a German Shepherd, it made me miss Sarge a great deal. I think about and talk to his spirit pretty often. Anthony was really interested in a couple of kittens they were trying to get to feed from a mommy cat. The look on his face was priceless. I am thinking he may have a future in some type of animal field, maybe not, who knows.

Anthony is also some what of a bully. He will passively bully Katherine, sometimes very actively. Our friend Tara-Lee was over today with her son. Anthony and Michael were outside on the driveway playing. Whatever Michael had, Anthony wanted and took. We did step in a few times. I never noticed his bullyness until today. This goes back to the professional wrestler. We are just around the corner from the 2's. Oh Boy!

Katherine did not know what to do with her birthday cake. It was really funny. She just starred at the candle burning and did not blow it out. Ann had to blow it out. You will see the expression on Katherine's face in some of the picture. The funniest thing was the gifts. We handed her a gift and told her is was from Ryan. She then tried to give the gift to Ryan. We had to explain that Ryan bought the gift for Katherine for her birthday. It was really funny. We got her a bike for her birthday. We also got her a helmet, elbow and knee pads. She put on the pads and did not want to take them off. We put her on the bike and tried to get her to peddle. She would go for a minute or so then put on the brakes. I told her to push, she pushed the handle bar with all her might. I saw the strain on her face and realized what she was doing. I then corrected my statement by saying "Push with your feet". She got it. She was able to tool around a bit, then grew tired of trying. Until another day.

Daycare seems to be going really well for everybody. No big issues with either Katherine or Anthony. I am glad about this. I was really concerned, but they are adjusting well and come home at the end of the day in a relatively good mood. Katherine is developing well in speech. She still has issues with being herself, identifying who she is in the world. She has not totally settled into the Delmedico house yet but she will get there.

Katherine is a clean freak. She does not like getting dirty. If she gets dirt or food or anything on her hands she will hold them out and say "Dirty". We will have to clean them, she is very insistent about this. Anthony on the other hand has the motto of "The dirtier the better". He gets outside and is a mess by the time he comes in. The downside to this, he hates having his hands and face wiped. He can get down right dirty, that's what kids are supposed to do. It is still very funny though.

Katherine and Ann went to PA. as I mentioned earlier. Ann was telling me that they spent Saturday night together at Mom-Mom's house, sharing a room and bed. Ann had the idea that after Katherine fell asleep, she would move her to floor with a blanket and pillow. Ann's sister, Susan, came in and took the extra blanket. So much for that idea. We already know that Katherine is a wild sleeper, she will flip herself 180 degrees in under 2 hours of going to sleep. Ann experienced a pretty much sleepless night and has vowed to never again share a bed with Katherine. I was rolling on the floor while Ann was telling me the story. It made me remember a time when Tyler would come and visit, before Ann and I were married. I lived in a one bedroom apartment, he was about 4 years old. I thought it would be a good idea to keep him close so he would not be frightened. Big mistake, he tossed and turned and kicked and twisted all night. The next night, I got him settled and then I moved to the couch. Swearing never again would I share a bed with a child. When they are babies, there is not too much twisting and turning, as they develop muscle all bets are off.

Ryan is doing well. Our team is 3 and 3. We have had some hard loses and some hard wins. We have not really had too much practice and I fear this may be our demise. I guess the bottom line is "As long as the kids are having fun". It is hard to accept that when you see their face's after a loss. They are not happy about it, at all. It is also hard to teach them that winning and losing is not everything. They just shake their heads and nod. What can you do? We had practice on Sunday for about an hour and a half. Mostly batting, I hope it helped. We have a game on Monday. We'll see what happens. Wish us luck. I think that next year I will be taking over as manager, as our current manager will be moving out of town. Not sure if this a good thing or not.

That is about it from here.

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